Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Wednesday, June 18

It's another gray day... and no doubt, raining in Brockville. :(
Ah well ... there are many more weeks of summer to gobble up.

~ dk blue stripee ftls
~ khaki cargo shorts... which i pretty much live in when I'm not at a client site..
~ red bermuda shirt. :)
~ not driving to Hull to go to work... !
~ disassembling my clients Strategic Plan to draw out key objectives for my project...
~ slaving away for boss-man
~ Yoga...
~ watching an episode of In Plain Sight...
~ wishing it would stop with the daily freaking rain and dry up already...
~ that all goes well for i_beckygardens tomorrow... :)
~ for the strength lisabella needs... to find her and keep her spirit a powerful force in the classroom.
~ and that cynnerth can remember where she lives... :)

Birthday moments...
A very happy birthday to my sugar-ly (innerly). May the many and difficult emotional tests that life has placed at your feet over the last year ... stay in the past and let a brighter light shine on the year ahead. You are forever beautiful... and the warmth from your amazing heart warms me all the way from mexico. I hope you have a truly wonderful day sugar-ly. :)

Eat sensibly,
stretch your muscles every day,
exercise enough to break a sweat two or three times a week,
smile kindly at people you don't know,
be charitable when you can,
don't make a big deal out of people saying swear words,
tolerate diversity,
read a damn book every now and then,
look at art... even if you don't "get it",
and for goodness sake... Laugh while you still can.
~ if doing these things does not improve your life, you're likely not actually a human and I have nothing for you.

It doesn't matter how simple your needs are.
Unless you take steps to meet them yourself,
You're destined to be unhappy.

~ ok fine... I'll stop. :)
I think I'll go file my nails on the front porch.
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