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Monday, June 16

This song... another reason to like Wheatus... despite that guy not actually being a girl.
That must totally suck... to get all big buzz and almost famous... only to have the public despair that you're actually a guy and decide then that they don't like you as much as they thought. Worse still... to have Tegan and Sara come along and be everything the audience wanted you to be... and more.

Yesterday? Man... the day started with glorious sunshine... but hooboy... by the time I was lighting out to do weekend groceries, it was all about the thunder storm. A stop light ... right in front of me... was nailed by a brilliant fork of lightening... it jumped from the one pole to the one across the road... ZZZZZZAP. All the lights went out... came back on as flashing reds... then within a minute had cycled back to normal. Truly freaky.

I got a nice shirt to wear on my "golf day" this Friday and some fudge for daddy's day... and some very nice art work from Edward - who had a mysterious and urgent need to use the hot-glue-gun after school on friday. :D

Suz and I framed an 8x10 of that photoshopped picture of Ed shooting the streamer bazooka for my daddy. :)
And just for the record... I think "photoshopped" should be added as a verb to Websters!

~ back in the saddle... up early, get the kids ready, and bolt from the door as soon as I can... today it was 7:25.
~ two client interviews in the morning, and writing minutes and process documents all afternoon.
~ madly checking weather web sites to decide if it's actually going to rain in Brockville on Tuesday night or wednesday... (if brockville is dry on Wednesday, I'm taking Geo and a couple of his friends to the big ass skatepark there... :D :D - clearly just an excuse for me to go... :D)
~ try to figure out Adobe After Effects as an evening pursuit... oh, and we have a couple of movies we've never seen on tape from last night... The Interpreter and... um... what was the other one? ...
~ my client didn't block I have to read up on how to post-via-email...

Is it just me or is Hamid Karzai a big douche bag in a furry "Can I McServer You" hat?

I am staring at the Apple Dot Com web page that tells me the iPhone (8gig) is going down to 199 on July 11. The 8 gig iPod Touch is still way over 200. I would really really like to know a) what the canadian cell providers "unlimited system access" plan is going to cost and b) what is going to happen to the price of the iTouch!! I'm still jonesing after these toys. But I think I'm leaning towards wanting the iPhone. Despite the "it gets hot on your ear and makes your face sweat" thing. I almost NEVER talk for more than a few seconds on phone calls.
Oh... and all those people out there that are raising a hew and cry over having paid full price for their iPhone etc. etc. etc. etc... please shut your gobs and go suck something. I have a three grand tv in my basement that I bought at christmas that is now a thousand dollars less. It's called "the market" and this is just they shit rolls. Stop whining! Seriously.

I'm sitting here with my headphones on ... it's the lunch hour. I sit in a small "inner consultant coral" (four walls made of movable particians that only allow the flourescent glow form above to light the day. There are three other people... one guy I passingly know from my last gig at this clients site (2 years ago) and two SAP women who are constantly under the gun to get one report or another out. So far... it's a very "heads down working" kinda thing... no windows... horrible lighting... and air that has passed through several hundred miles of tin-ducts before it is blown either too cold or too hot and definitely all stale and icky onto our heads. I suppose a lot of you work in similar conditions. But that doesn't make it ok... believe me. Fortunately my client is good with me working from my "Company Office" (which is the front study at home) when I don't have interactive sessions planned.
~ sigh... lunch is almost over. :(
I haven't checked my 2$ lottery ticket from friday night... I'm still holding onto a wee bit of the dynamic tension.

k... time to get back to work.

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