Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Friday, June 13

Sunshine... beautiful... and, of course, now that it's friday... we've five days of t-storms in the offing.
I'm really jonesing for more skate time. Work, life and the weather is really kicking my ass!

But on the bright side... I got "into" my new contract today. Things kinda clicked... and boom... I'm off and running. :)

And "Friday the 13th" can bite me.

~ yeah... so slogg'en off to the grind with the whole bright'n'early thing going strong.
~ got a couple of plans in to my client and things are looking good.
~ home to be chauffer boy with driving all over the place... boy to the movies... getting a pair of blades for the lawn tractor... Wally Land for essentials...
~ now it's late... we're about to do our Lopez thing (if your over 40 you can imagine watching MTM show with the family when you were little)
~ that something better shows up for brak55
~ to send some smiles out to easilydistractd and the moment of relief.
~ for a wee bit of the good life to find sarah_cares
~ and to just make loads of wishes that tonya can use however she needs to...

Birthday moments...
A very happy birthday to a very lovely ldy. And I'll selfishly say... May you have a wonderful year ahead that gives you plenty of chances to share your world with me in your journal... :D
And happy birthday to ms_right_rn... I hope you figure out the figures... and have a grand year ahead. :D

Why are we just fucking fucked?

Afghani rebels attack the prison in Kandahar City... the one Canada just finished refurbishing to make it more comfy cosy for the darth of prisoners being held there.... in Kandahar City, Afghanistan... millions and millions of dollars. And no... I don't actually give a shit about all the criminals now roaming the city... other than the danger they pose to all the Canadian soldiers trying to hold the city.

Meanwhile... a city counselor unveils some new fangled recycle box... He says the current boxes - supplied by the city (read: our taxes) - are ugly and should be updated... minimum, two million dollars.

And the local food bank is struggling to feed the families... CHILDREN... that line up for a meal. Personally... I'd rather they eat than some Afghani criminal get a new flat screen in the prison common room or the city do an "upgrade" for the existing and working-just-fine-thank-you-very-much recycle boxes.

Piss me off.
(sorry for the F bombs... I do, honestly, try to not drop 'em in public posts... but...)

Sometimes I think it would be better to clamp open the kids eyes with toothpicks and strap 'em into chairs to watch The Matrix, Blade, and The Sopranos... than to let 'em watch Oprah. As hundreds of thousands of Americans log-on to her web site to print and sign yet another Oprah Non Contract Contract... this one to have "the perfect life" ... which is code for "loose two hundred pounds". Power to ya... but let me point to the statistics on the Virgin Contracts that swept the nation's high schools three years ago. Something like 85% of the signers were riding the purple tower of power the first chance they got. Bullshit is bullshit. Period.

There is love ... and there is big love.
Love is easy... and I don't care what you read or heard.
Open your heart... open your mind... see how amazing people really are...
And let the love flow.
Let go of the intensity, the misplaced fear and loathing... and actually love your friends.
It's very liberating and rewarding.
But big love?
Big love is harder.
Big love makes you pay... and pulls your hair while you write the check.
But big love is worth it ... beyond measure and meaning.
May there be big love in your life.


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