Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Thursday, June 12

Well it all started today.
Working at a big Can Gov Agency... firewall city (no Lj), sitting in a "consultant coral" without windows and breathing amazingly stale air and dreading visits to the bathroom where, by some evil twist of "appealing to the lowest common denominator" has resulted in freak-toilets that are so short that look like oompah loompah toilets (and don't get me started on how close the water is in freak-toilet-land!)

First thing I did after the kick-off meeting was to put together a project plan that provides ample opportunity to work "off site"!!!! I present that tomorrow.

Oh, and it was the single most completely perfect day - weather wise - in ages.

~ up at the butt crack of dawn... showered, fed the kids, dressed, and GONE by 6:45. sigh.
~ "breakfast team meeting" ... then off to the new clients to hold a project kick-off meeting. Interesting work... but a very tight schedule.
~ home at dinner time and ... made big peanut chicken skewers on the BBQ.
~ after cleaning up the dinner zone, it was over to our community park to sort out some problems with the "pump house" (where our water feature pumps are...)
~ Now it's later... kids are in bed... (reading "but wars" to Ed. LOLOLOL ... hilarious books) and I have to make lunches. Ed has a field trip to "Medieval Times Fair" at Upper Canada Village tomorrow. :D (Lucky duck)
~ that my new client likes the project plan.
~ to send some love and stuff out to tonya... just 'cuz...
~ for murflegirl to catch a break...
~ and that raherrier doesn't have to make rash decisions.

Government dude makes some ... honestly... interesting, thought provoking, if a little in-your-face, commentary on the real situation with natives in canada and the way the gov THROWS money at them... but because he didn't say "the sun is a lovely tint of yellow and all natives deserve to be pitied"... he ended up having to stand in the house of commons and proclaim his idiocy and malcontent... then apologize like mad, recanting everything he said on some random talk show yesterday.
Yesterdays "official government apology" for the residential school fiasco - that the churches carried out btw (and have been "settling out of court" about for decades) - included another 4 billion in hand-outs.
wohoo... problems solved... right?

Hey... I heard the puppet-president of Afghanistan say "thanks for all your troops and all your promises of aide - like $20 billion -but instead of giving that support money to the agencies entrenched her to distribute aid... I really want you to just give the money to me and my government."
This is the same guy who refuses to prosecute the senior government officials that WERE CAUGHT RED HANDED stealing millions of aid dollars.
WTF? I mean, I want to say "How stupid do you think we are?" but I fear I'll end up saying "How stupid are we?".
Freaking Afghanistan.

Start with alcohol fueled, trendiness inspired, public displays of fake check-me-out-lesbianism...
All prolific, inexpensive, let alone ubiquitous digital cameras...
And you start to realize why the internets are so awesome!!!! :)

See ya tomorrow.
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