Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Wednesday, June 11

oh man... we woke up late.
Ok... "I" woke up late...
Actually... I woke up fine...but then laid down on Geo's bed when I went in to wake him up... and zonk.
We're all s'posed to be up at 6:00 and it was 7:00 when I cracked lids.
~ much hurrying and driving-to-school ensued. :)

~ work on stuff that it turns out I needed bother working on...
~ then work on other stuff... and I'm only guessing I should be working on...
~ why? because life's like that sometimes. :(
~ go skateboarding at lunch... which was a total blessing and exactly what the doctor ordered.
~ do a little "homeowners association" stuff after work... getting our waterfall working... well, not me per se... but talking to the guy that's s'posed to get it working!! :)
~ spaghetti for dinner... although I made some fish and a salad for the serious work-out girl... totally getting her moneys worth out of the Wii Fit (I still get my 30 minute yoga buzz on early early in the morning. :)
~ that my new contract leaves room for me to take Geo and his buddies to the Brockville skatepark next week (please mother nature... two days of sunshine... please!!!)
~ that I get to bed early tonight... I gotta get up so early tomorrow... sigh. :( Team meeting at 7:45, client kick-off meeting at 10:00.
~ that heatherbell managed to splash herself with a lot of cool water...
~ for petermarcus to never get a Delta in his back yard...
~ and to tell indigobluejelly that polka-dots like her...

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday to little bit of sugar justatwig that is maybe... just maybe... getting closer to an earthly reward.
And happy birthday to distortedgirl... who could sure use one of those "breaks" people talk about catching. :)

Red-Letter-Day in Canada.
Federal Gov and the Prime Minister formally apologises to native groups for the insane-o residential-school system back in the what? 40's and 50's?, 60's? The 10's!!

Dear Natives:
Please accept my well crafted apology for shit that happened when I was wondering if I'd ever get hair in my pits, and enjoy all the cash settlements you've been getting. Oh, and don't worry I wont point out that the whole freaking nutjob of a situation was propagated by a bunch of religious zealots that deserve to be flogged unto their collective deaths for the torture they leveled on you guys... while forgiving themselves because they had the almighty god and his zombie son on their side.
K... feel better now?

I have an almost perfect lawn.
Just say'en...
It kinda rocks. :D

I need a job that lets me take winters off to ski, and summers off to skateboard.
I could... you know... just work extra hard in spring and fall. :)

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