Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Tuesday, June 10

Sunshine... sunshine... sunshine...
mad scary black clouds
Rain rain rain...
Sunshine... sunshine...

~ Well I had it in my mind that I'd go and skateboard out some tension at the park over lunch - but the storms they've been predicting and warning the hell out of us about decided to roll in out of the blue sky and soak the lunch hour. So here I sit with only a 30 minute yoga work out under my daily stress-melting-belt. It really is a no-brainer that the whole skateboarding thing is my essential stress reducer... nothing like an hour of racing slightly ahead of exceptional pain and basking in an adrenalin-fueled gravity war to leave me with an improved perspective on everything going on in my life. Let alone the things that aren't going on ...
~ working on stuff for the bosses that amounts to busy work as I wait for the new gig to start... and so far it's looking like I'm back in the saddle on Thursday. Sadly, it's in town and will require a painful commute (insert growely noises here - um, is "growely" word?)
~ Oh and researching the subject matter that I'm supposed to be an expert in for this new client... (it's not as bad as all that, but the new contract is a new context for the stuff I'm actually an expert in... so much research is required.)
~ to just send a moment of "hoping for the best" out to byron
~ that queeniexb gets to wear bright white knee pads ... with her new wheels.
~ for tonya to get her "Fit" on... (I've started calling Zee "Fit" as a new term-of-endearment SLASH nick-name... :D)
~ that I could go on a ski trip with Zooey Deschanel...
~ and that saying goodbye, for gillian16, is just another way of remembering.

Men who murder their ex... usually do it within two months of her leaving or becoming an ex.
This happens so often that its freaking scary... I mean, it's scary even if it only happened once... but still!
This is what "womens shelters" are all about... providing a safe heaven for a little while to keep a woman from becoming another statistic.
So what do you do with government support money (aka: your taxes)?
I mean... the only seemingly viable option is building and supporting more shelters.
Can you provide enough policing to not need the shelters without trampling on civil liberty?
Is it possible to foster enough change in society to either early-identify the problem men, let alone stop men from doing this through re-education or support or ... magic faerie wishes?
There are so many worthwhile and deserving support organizations in your community that are wondering where the funding for next year is going to come from...
I'm just say'en...
Who got your charity last year?
Was it some giant international organization... or some people in your back yard?

My coffee maker is a sunbeam marginally-programmable-12-cupp'er.
Picture in your mind the posture of pouring a little "warm-up" into your mug...
coffee cup in the left hand - classic v-position with fingers and thumb stretched in opposite directions - and grabbing the coffee pot with the right.
It's a mostly empty pot when you're at the warm-up stage, so you have to tip-it-up quite a bit.
Super hot condensation builds on the underside of the flip-up-lid thing on the coffee pot.
You see where this is going?
Invariably, it nails a single, excruciating, drip of the super heated condensation directly onto the taught skin at the bottom of the v on my left hand.
If it's big enough... and cup is full enough... I go on to jossle my left hand microscopically, in response to the afore mentioned excruciating drip.
Of course, fluid dynamics kick in, translating the microscopic jossle into rim-cresting slosh...
Which, of course, washes over the very same taught bit of skin.
Having successfully performed the "warming-up" thing... it's the hottest bit of liquid in the cup.
Drag, eh?

I cannot fathom how the hell my body will ever be able to do "Cobra". I mean, first, I gotta tuck... then... how the heck does someone's back bend in that direction?
Yoga rocks. :D
~ so does yogurt... especially in a smoothy, but that is absolutely a different conversation. :)

See ya.

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