Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Monday, June 9

So yeah... I'm a little creaky. That's a "K" not a "P".
I may actually be creepy but not in my own marginally vain opinion of myself.

got over the back issue (thank you vaun) and promptly developed a knot in my back... just below my left shoulder... bugged me all day... stretched and ... it just felt like it wanted to POP... never seemed to though. I had Geo do the Elbow Into Back thing ... really hard... and boy did it feel better. :)

Wake up today, feeling 100%. No back pain... no shoulder pain....
Did a whole bunch of yoga and now? it's looking like two days of rain are coming, so I'm thinking skate park for the lunch hour (despite the 36 degree temperatures)

Oh, and we go pick up the new-to-us-used-car tonight. :D

~ kids and breakfast...
~ mad dash for the buses...
~ yoga...
~ work work work...
~ skate...
~ work work work
~ get car!
~ make dinner. :)
~ you could have seen Edward in person when his "streamer bazooka went off. :D
~ that lynspin gets what she's after...
~ to welcome darkbay back...
~ and that uniclycommon... finds herself an upgrade.

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday raherrier. May the year pass with you and your family safe... and lots of really silly reasons to be smiling and happy. !

Dinner at my folks house with lots of family and family friends... to celebrate my Sis's birthday.
Edward has been waiting days to use his Streamer Bazooka and boy did it ever go off as planned. :)
I was totally worried it would be anticlimactic... but it was pretty darn cool. :)

~ k... see ya. :D

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