Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Sunday, June 8

Yesterday was a day made for work. Thankfully (see below) my back was doing better... so I whipper snipped the edges and cut the forest that used to be my lawn... It's once again "my lawn". :D

I drove Geo to the AMC at the mall... he was meeting a friend to see a movie.
I sat there in the car... unable to tear my eyes away from him as he walked away.
He's such a little man. :)

Got major groceries done... Cost-co and Farm-Boy. I am usually so let down by fruit and veg puchases at cost-co... I don't even bother looking ... unless it's to enjoy the cool air in the big walk-in fridge. :D

I was - however - digging the little music cube thing you pop your iPod into to get amplification, charge up, and a connection to your pc. Cool toy. iPods are in danger of becoming the tech toy that rules the world. Pretty soon it'll be skynet time and we'll be fighting battles against iPod warriors. Too bad iTunes is such a resource pig on your computer. :(

~ all day... NOTHING. No plans... screw it. I slaved all day yesterday and today... he rested
~ except tonight... over to my folks house for my sis'birthday dinner. She moved into her new place yesterday... it's been months and months since her separation, and she's finally getting back on her own feet. This is good. :) She's my big sister... and no matter how old I get... she still seems to be approximately 25 in my minds eye. :)
~ that all goes well for n5iln on the big ride... no crashing!
~ to just send some good thoughts, like love, friendship and care... with out any hint of stalkerness... to chiropteraclan. And to say that I cannot understand - even a little - how some men become such fucktards.
~ and that little Sprinkles rests-in-peace... and that nbbmom and her nick-ster are doing well.

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday redfenix... I hope the year ahead treats you with respect... love and a little more consideration for your TV show viewing!! :D
A very happy birthday to blonnie... a lovely woman who's unbelievably adorable and tiny little daughter proves once again that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree... May this next year keep you safe... keep your family healthy and provide plenty of opportunities for you to take pictures! :D

So some number of years ago, I decided I had a stalker.
Someone who would send me emails about stuff in my journal but I had no idea who it was...
Over time, I came to admit to myself that the email comments were in the top 5% of worthwhile commentary that I get ... meaning, his emails were always insightful and worth reading.
I know I took him for granted... "Oh another email from..." but that changed when I was able to share his excitement as his wife brought their little baby into the world. He went from "just some stalker guy" to this very nice ... opinionated... guy from somewhere. :)

On friday I complained about my sore back.
Friday night I get a note from him asking for more details about where it hurts.
Then... I get three uploaded videos he made showing me specific exercises that he wants me to do to work out the irritate nerve and muscles, along with a couple of messages explaining things.
Guys I gotta say... I felt like I had my own personal trainer looking out for my welfare.
He had my friendship ages ago... but you simply cannot believe how I felt when I woke up the next day free from the unbelievable pain I had had in my back. It could have been a lot of things... but I've no doubt at all that the exercises he had me doing were serious contributors to the recovery.

So this is me saying a very public thank you to my friend Vaun. A Kinesiologist that really knows his stuff!
And thank the stars for friends that give a care. :D :D

The Mega Blocks "Dragon Crystal Wars" sets... are amazatron. !!

Ok... time to go be lazy.
(ps. for me... being lazy means finding some odd job to do that I can mindlessly perform with the TV on in the background. Maybe I'll clean out the fridge. :D)

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