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Friday, June 6

unrelenting pain.
headache from the stress of the amazingly sore back issue.
What amazingly-sore-back-issue? you say...
The one I got from lifting something the stupidest way possible last night.
No sleep over night... nothing that lasted more than a half hour.
barely able to move when I got up...

Actually a little better now... advil helps... but mostly, "standing" helps.
If I sit for any length of time... it's agony to stand up again.

And personally, I'm really really pissed off that I've gone and done this.

It's hot and muggy today... with T-storms in the plans.

libglade2-0 - 1:2:3:6
~ I'm pretty much going insane trying to find this in a format that I can actually use it on my Nokia 770.
Half the coolest games/programs/services for this hand held linux computer wont work without this library and &$*K if I can find it.

~ supposed to start all this work on more company IP...
~ and yeah... it got started... but advil, no sleep, and not being able to sit... no help at all.
~ Vanessa Amorosi was as famous as I think she should be. Her voice is simply wonderful.
~ that lisabella finds her way out of the dark clouds... because she's a good girl... and deserves better.
~ to drop a pencil on pasticcio... um... just 'cuz...

Birthday moments...
Just say'en... six days in a stretch without a birthday on my FL... is most bizarre.
So ... a very happy birthday out to nbbmom's little Nicky. You're going to be one heck of a young man when your time comes. :)

Failing TRUCK factory in Ontario. The government just gave them ... what? 400 million to shore up their business and now they fail.
Again... (as I pointed out when the fair trade China imports of textiles started) that money would have been better used by just dividing it up among the affected employees with the requirement that they remain residents in the community for five years and PRESTO... economic boom times, no labour force picketing the highways and everybody would have "stuck it to a car company". Idiots. You can't FORCE a truck/SUV plant to be successful no matter how much money you throw at it.

I totally loved the concept-message that lay behind the Derren Brown series "Messiah". Search for his name and "messiah" on YouTube.
It never stops boggling my mind how willingly folks turn their money over to organized religion despite all the information they have at their disposal concerning the poor use they put that money to... the hypocritical nature of their practices, and their undeniable contribution to global suffering.
Funny but... you can't escape the fact the good things you hear about religious organizations are quickly defined as the good work a good person has done in that organizations name... but the horribly bad shit the organization does... is the organization... and not some misguided individual. The doctrines... dogma... organizational structures and practices are just unbelievable... and unbelievably bad. But they wander though history as untouchable because they get to take credit for the good work of good individuals.
Believe me... those people would still have done good things without the religious organization behind them.

~ Nature Valley "Sweet & Salty" Peanut ... is like an awesome candy bar masquerading as granola.

(waiting for robraxacet to come home with suzanne) :(

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