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Thursday, June 5

Wearing nice clothes... packing skatepark clothes.

Client interview this morning.
Went very well. I start next week.
This one will carry me through the summer (at least).
Meanwhile I wait for the next US gig to come together. Maybe by the fall I'll be able to get back to the cool shit. :)

~ morning rituals with the boys...
~ get my yoga fix while I'm still rubbing sleep out of my eyes.
~ play dress up and make nice nice for a new client.
~ spend my lunch hour in a skatepark... motivated by the weather reports that kinda make it look like this will be only dry day for the next few...
~ totally have a bitch'en good time in the park. I don't yell "wohooo" when I'm there... because... well it's hard enough as it is... but if I could yell "wohoo" and not burst into flames... I'd definitely have been hollering "woooohoooo" today. :D
~ grab my sisters computer on the way home and work on it tonight.
~ find some great way to enjoy a thursday night.
~ for sugar-Tee (tonya) to catch a little bit of a break...
~ to say that it makes me very happy to see innerly with a smile. :D
~ to tell shebear she can only battle suspicion by embracing sarcasm.

Lies... Damn Lies!
Held a door for SJP!
So I was walking out of a cafe in NYC the other day... and ran smack dab into Sarah Jessica Parker!!!!!
She said "hi and um... excuse me... mmk?"
And I blurted out "Gosh ... it's like a mirror held up to that chequitta banana lady..."
SJP "you mean... Carmen Miranda? you think I look like Carmen Miranda??"
Me: "No... like her hat. Especially that banana. Man your funny looking."
and then I held the door for her.

Good God Man... do not pick her for a running mate.
Please... NO!
Even a vice-president has to make actual decisions ... at some point... right?

Only through it's relief, can you gain a clear understanding of the stress that exists in life.
So when someone tells you to "grow up" or "act your age"...
Tell 'em to sodd off... and then give them the finger.


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