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Tuesday, June 3

Yeah... so busy. Kinda mad-busy... but that's good. The days just go *POOF* lately.

I get up with the alarm and look at whoever's in our bed (Well, Z for sure, but there's usually an extra)
and wonder at how the heck none (NOT ONE) of them wakes up to the alarm. Apparently they do when
I'm away on work-trips... but when I'm home... NOTHING... nadda.
Put the coffee on... go wake up Geo for his shower... wake up Ed and snuk him into his clothes and give
him a piggy-back downstairs where he promptly falls asleep on the sofa.
Then it's "make'en bacon" time... although... not much bacon lately. Just grapefruits, eggs, eggos, and all that jazz.
Then get their lunches in the back-packs and scooch 'em off to the bus by 7:15... EXCEPT TODAY...
where I managed to let everyone sleep in a bit because I was driving the boys to school... with the Castle. :D :D
Bring a coffee to suz who's likely just getting out of the shower. She sneaks down before the shower to
review the kids "agendas" and back pack stuff... :D
After the bus zone for the boys... I'm off to the theater room to do yoga with trixie for 20 minutes.
(she's talking to me again... hahaha... she actually - seriously - wasn't "on the set" and then popped in saying
"sorry, I must have been up really late last night..." HAHAHAHAHA... gah, I love this Wii thing.)

Shower and then get'busy. However, starting next week... I'll likely be hopping in the car to drive to Hull
(twinned city across the bridge in the Belle Province of Quebec... land of the overcompensating french people).

Mornings are busy.

~ finish US bid stuff...
~ get to work on some canadian bid stuff...
~ finish a web site update for the bosses
~ and get my head around working a contract at an agency I worked at last year... not excited but work is work...and I can make anything rock.
~ to continue eating ritz crackers with cheeze whiz on them until the bowl of ritz is done... and I really don't care what people think of cheeze whiz... It's yummi. :D
~ to get a roast into the oven so we can have a big delicious dinner tonight... :D
~ for a little good vibe thing to wrap around debby...
~ that catherine is all kinds of happy...
~ that "Wheatus" was more successful... they do kinda have a great sound. (even if that guy should be a girl)
~ and that a little distant Ewt (ewtikins) finds an ironing board...

I think I might just barf if I have to listen to Hillary The Clintonator any more. I'm completely sick of that woman.

Dear Internets Peeps:
Please consider the following as "Blog Reader Etiquette"

Every journal entry posted in a blog should be considered as a private conversation between you and the person that posted it.
Sure, it could be a public post... and everybody could be reading it.
It's just a private conversation between you and the blogger.
If you know the blogger in "real-life" ... don't bring up the blog content unless you are one-on-one.
Because I said so and after you keep a blog that friends, family, coworkers and a gazillion other people read...
we can compare notes on why this is the way it is.
Between now and then... I'm right and you're... listening to me.
So to review: You don't bring up the content of their blog with other people around ...
I suppose you can do that when the blogger in question is not actually there.
You can pick your nose too if you want.

Note: if you're reading this and think I'm being bitchy or even "talking about you". Get over yourself.
More than fifty people in my day-to-day read my blog from time to time...
and this isn't a "rant" inspired by the actions of any one-of-them...
but rather an amalgam of the collective experience.

Dear universe:
Please stop expecting me to be someone else.
I'm happy with who I am.
If you're not...
Know that I absolutely just do not give a shit.
We good now?
~ next.
(note: // and / are totally unrelated!!)

~ see ya. :D

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