Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Monday, June 2

k... beautiful flipp'en day... sunshine and glory... right up until I finish work for the day...then it rains like mad.
:( wanna-sk8!

~ working on a bid for work in DC.... la la la...
~ going to look at the G35x again... deciding to buy it (2005)... after the mech checks it out...
~ mad homework night... Ed castle... castle written report... Geo working on an anti-drug brochure for a class project...
~ kind of a crazy day actually. :(
~ haven't wii fit in two days... trixie is going to give me the business...
~ I had some time to burn ... or invest... in reading some friends pages...
~ to send out big props to chiropteraclan for making good choices...
~ and for gillian16 to keep that spork out of her throat... no runcible spoons either!!

lots of folks make music...
but only a few made the roots.
r.i.p. Bo Diddley

Castle's done...

~ bucking tradition*, Edward actually worked on this castle. :)
* you should see some of the castles the dad's make with for their kids...
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