Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Sunday, May 25

Holy sunshine batman!!! :)
Blue skies and the goddess is a'blaz'en.

~ Return movie...
~ Return rented Wii game...
~ Costco... chicken, pork, coffee... :)
~ skatepark...
~ last pot-light in the basement... then it's only the vent-tile and ... bingo... all done! :)
~ k... that last bit sounded soooo easy. sigh.
~ oh, and I Ed's gotta work on his castle!!! :)
~ that wbahner enjoys watching the boys drive around and around and around...
~ for teasdale to get a little more sleep...
~ and to send a Congrats again, out to Mrs. Zero (kitiara) :D

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday lindalee... :D I hope there are little smiles in store for you. :D
Happy birthday sugar-bean... (giabean). May good health hold you and your family all through the next year.

I will never surrender.
These vows I made... are the foundation of a life.
Indeed, they are now the foundations of several lives.
While I hold no great stock in the sanctity of mere words...
There is no end to the love that lives behind them.
So I will endure all things, and dream of even more.
And let the wheel turn until once more the path is true.

Got out last night... like a couple of dogs escaping the kennel.
We left Geo to babysit Ed and by 8:30 we were at some friends house for a night of drinking (man can these guys pack away the wine!! sheesh), talking, and poker.
I think poker is oodles more fun if you use real money... even just nickels... whatever. So, next time... cash! :)

~ k... gotta git. :) See ya.

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