Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Wednesday, May 21

~ right there!

So up until an hour ago I'd have said "phantom pain in my back...", but when we were moving a sofa in the garage for someone to come look (kajiji - ottawa "on-line garage sale" thing) I remembered that I nailed my back on the weekend moving that same couch... backed into a upturned pallet while twisting with a sofa in my arms. Classic.
Anyways... it's hurting like all get out now. I went to the clinic to make sure it wasn't an "organ"... like a kidney or something.
but it's apparently just a "ding" and I have to endure a bit of recovery. :)
So to summarize... right elbow still tender, dancing around counters and desks to avoid letting mr. tender hip-bone touch anything, two fingers on left hand still stiff and now, back of left-shoulder.

Clearly I should have taken up archery.

It's a rainy day with a couple more rainy days in the offing.
and a promise of sunshine for the weekend.
But that's a weather-man promise, which means it's worthless.

~ head down... juggling... phones going non-stop... DC, Toronto, Ottawa... gah!
~ um... work is busy. :(
~ and 'cuz I begged off to go get a hair chop, groceries and a trip to the clinic... I still have work to do tonight.
~ however... that's next on my plate and then I can get lazy... you know... and work on the basement ceiling. gah!! lol.
~ Lost is on tonight... (edit: d'oh!!) this is good. Oh and so is 30 Rock. Pretty much a Mary Tyler Moore show a'la this century.
~ for something even... close to fair... to show up in the life and times of wenchlette!
~ that gillian16 gets to keep that smile...
~ that there is sleep... in krazyleesa's near future...
~ and that cerulean_me avoids regret.

There is a conglomeration of events in the life of me.
which loosely translates to "I'm not only busy, but confusingly so."
And for fun, you can hear a disembodied voice say [ :: conglomeration :: ]
... and if you're just dying to be inappropriate [ :: you can click on this sound link too :: ] (you were warned... but it's just sounds so darned funny.)
I'm hoping all this "conglom" stuff is leading to a sudden and peaceful calm. !!!!

Ok... I have to go downstairs to see the rest of the fam playing "Wii Fit".
Every time I see people getting a work-out from a video game... and say a little prayer of thanks to the godess. :)

~ see ya. :D

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