Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Thursday, May 15

~ I sit like that... one arm draped over my head. I used to think I was the only person anywhere that did that.
I now know I'm wrong. :O

Cold wind in the morning... dark sky... looked rather ominous.
So what happens?
By 11:00 AM it's a day for the "beautiful day record book".

Too bad I'm too busy today to enjoy any of it. :(
Ah well... life is long and the days have a way of being fun no matter how hard I try to be a working stiff. :)

~ well, it did rain last night... so I had no plan to skate... then the day became GLORIOUS... and I was too fricking busy to go the park at lunch. :(
~ long day... slogging away at writing and formatting "data sheets" ... one-pagers (two sides) that describe a specific service offering from our team to a potential client... the sort of work you do when you don't have a client.
~ LOST tonight... :) Time for the oceanic six....
~ that all is well for raherrier... after her stressful day!
~ that mylifeasamom is enjoying the days filled with "firsts"... :D
~ for honuhoney to not blow away!!!!
~ that rini gets to go back...
~ and for someone to get a whole lot better in the house of bronxelf_ag001!!!

Birthday moments...
To the long lost Ash... (well, not so long...) Happy birthday ashie. I hope this wish finds you well and making the most of your celebration.
Happy birthday mizzuz-lace... laciann. Have a safe adventure... and a lovely birthday.
And to the lovely ... and tiny... moowazz. A very happy birthday to good friend and wonderful photographer!! (I love your nature pics!). May the year ahead bring you ... the love you so richly deserve.

I can't get my head around the earthquake thing in China. It's terribly sad... but there's a great many resources in place and CFA that are helping and working tirelessly to sort out what can be sorted.
My head is still ringing from the endless newscasts that start with "Burma still refuses to let aid workers in..." There, in brilliant contrast to the situation in China, we have the very worst of things. And there's nothing we can do about it. Unless we somehow conclude that sovereignty takes a back seat to humanitarianism. And not to be too much of a dove here, but that is one seriously slippery slope to step out onto.

What the heck is the "Adult content" thing on my LJ post page and widget... ? I've never noticed that before...
What does it do... filter what I say? or just tag what I say? hmmmm?

Castle... Ceiling tiles... Pot Lights... so many little projects. :)

k... see ya. :)

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