Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Wednesday, May 14

Hello sunshine... welcome to Wednesday.
I wanted to thank you...
The forest that surrounds us... is quite literally bursting with happiness at your constant companionship.
And as for me... the world is a peaceful easy and brilliant place.
So I blame you.
Heck I gotta blame someone for all this ...
And it might as well be my dominate star...
The goddess of earth and life.
... the blanket of warmth that has soothed all the complicated pain.
Totally beats the crap out of a fictional dead nailed to a stick.

~ planned to work all morning...
~ dum di dum...
~ to call my brother... just to say hey.
~ that some peace finds the family of my dear friend innerly.
~ and to point out that... according to some... I just happen to be... simply amazing. :)

[ :: skateboarder off to jail ... for ... skateboarding to work :: ]
Dear Fredericton:
You got some balls.
Please teabag a wood chipper.

You know that ol saying "you are what you eat"...
Well I'm sorry... I know this is totally tasteless but dammit...
Somebody has simply GOT TO SAY IT...
Cervical Cancer linked to Oral Cancer?
Specifically the tonsils? OMG...
[ :: this is just too freaking much to not smirk about :: ]

Ok... so yesterdays splat took a slightly darker toll that I first thought.
I have a very seriously unhappy elbow.
er... and hip.
However... it's s'posed to rain tonight and off and on over the next couple of days.
So it was park time at lunch.
And it was good. :)
steep-ramp-drop-in thing 5 more times... that's 15 total.
(target: 100 times before I feel like I can really do it with confidence ... and before I move to a harsher ramp)
(Dear folks to whom this sounds weeny: Bite me. When you're 46 we can talk...)

k... time to go be busy.

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