Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Monday, May 12

~ every line... is a badge of honor.

We had a lovely mothers day... waking up zee and treating her to a wonderful morning, then a late-afternoon dinner at Boston Pizza with her family (and, of course, mom)... then dessert at my SIL's house with my family ... and mom. Big extended family moment there with my aunt from out west, and my aunt and uncle from Brockville. Then, after kiddies are packed away to bed... we enjoyed the season finale of Survivor. I was mightily off-put by the final outcome - because I wanted Amanda to win... but I'm glad useless Cerie didn't take it home! (btw... Jeff was looking pretty bad at the reunion.... I'm guessing a bad cold or something.)

Today is ... an absolutely beautiful day. Not too hot, nice breeze and air that begs you to come and play.
(so I did... and that meant a great lunch hour spent at the skatepark. I had the park to myself so I put on all my pads and set myself the goal of trying to drop-in on a very steep ramp... not a half-pipe - not yet (that is still totally fear-factor for me) but after a few spills, I managed it five times in a row and rolled-on with a smile. :D.

From there it was off to Home Depot for castle supplies. We do the curtain walls tonight, and possibly the keep. We'll see. I'm planning on giving him drywall plaster to cover the styrofoam walls... then we can etch little lines in the plaster like it was made of stones.

~ blue ftls
~ khaki cargo shorts (my standard summer attire :D)
~ shhh.. same black and red fila shirt as I was wearing yesterday...
~ back to business... closing in on a new client...
~ skatepark...
~ home depot...
~ and ... I'm guessing Butter Chicken for dinner. :)
~ for a little return-to-health to find Nick... as in Nbb... as in nbbmom. :)
~ that nbbmom finds every drop... (ick).
~ for ayoub ... to get what he's after...
~ and that astralle sticks to her guns... and is big-impressed with herself tomorrow.

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday to a little lost queenee. :)

Fear is the mind killer.
To overcome it... is a validation of life and all that it can be.

Had one of those hard parenting moments this morning...
Little Ed was complaining about not feeling very well, (cough cough...), but we sent him to school regardless... because we just weren't sure it wasn't a bad case of the Mondays. This is the stuff of guilt... but hopefully all is well. No call from the school and he'll be home any minute now. :)

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