Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Sunday, May 11

Happy Mothers Day
~ there's good moms and crummy moms...
like everything else in life.
To the crummy moms...
May you find a better path.
To the good ones...
Please mark your path well so that others may follow.

I've been blessed with the worlds greatest mom, who taught me to love, to cook, to care and look at the world around me.
Thank you Anya.
May you be so fortunate. :)

~ up early... watch as the boys make Suz breakfast in bed... stirred egg, toast, coffee and juice. :)
~ plug-in Suz's big Mommy's Day prezzi (which is really a prezzi for the whole family)... [ :: ONE OF THESE :: ] - easily some of the best value for $$ I've had in ages. (It's a shiatsu massage chair pad thing).
~ break out ol'betsy... the lawn tractor. Cut the lawns... Get the hoses out... set-em-up, and simultaneously vow to look into having lawn irrigation installed. !!!!!!
~ shower... shave... (I've been shaving pretty much every single day of late... where I used to always go a day between)
~ off to cost-co for coffee, milk, eggs and kids lunch stuff. :)
~ dinner with Suz's mom and family at 5:00... dessert with my mom and family at ... whenever we finish with the dinner. :)
~ that my little South African Queen... teaser stays safe!!!

Birthday moments...
Happy Day Late Birthday out to sugar-cin... (cynica). I hope you had a great day yesterday and that the year ahead keeps you close to love.
And to a long lost Chuck... Happy birthday farnorth. I hope all is well in the land of you. :)

Skateland is full of "working on olli, nolli and kick-flips".
I swear to you... you have no idea - unless you try this stuff - just how hard this works your body.
Forget 125$ a month to some fitness club... just grab a board and skate!

~ and... I'm done. :)
Ack... a short post from corto? what is the world coming to. :D
See ya soon.

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