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Friday, May 9

Sunshine... :) Ok, there's some whispy clouds up there... but screw that. It's a really nice day.
Had to blow close to 4 bills on two new Parellis (Tires) for suz's maxima... one of the rear tires had a side-wall hole ... :(
It's such a pain to deal with unplanned expenses!!!!
Picking up the key to her car (paying the bill) and dropping said key off with Z... leaves me pretty much next door to the skatepark. So....

~ pretty much [ :: this stuff :: ]
~ hey it's friday... it's sunny... not blazing hot... so....
~ skateboard lunch hour is a given. :)
~ working on more IP (intellectual property) for the bosses
~ ... vacuuming the main floor...
~ and working on the basement project... section "C" of the ceiling. (the LAST section)!!!!
~ to point out to militantmomma that tequila shots are totally off limits!
~ that mrs_pepperpot would do a voice post in a girly voice saying "Help me Obiwan..."
~ for katie8471 to get her fill of the hubby man this weekend. :)
~ and to hand indigobluejelly the celery... oh wait... I can't find it.

The situation in Burma ... after the big killer storm... with 20 - 100 thousand dead, and many more displaced... the prospect of wide spread disease and the implications of having lost so much of the rice producing crops... dude, it's a total mess.
So the question is... if the government of Burma will not or cannot help the citizens... does that mean we a) let them sink or b) step in and force them to let us help? ("us" being the international community) - which is pretty much no different from invading their country.
Answer: Burma, Libya, Israel, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan!
Question: Name seven countries that make you so fucking glad you live in the West you can hardly stand it?
Colour Commentary: How the heck can people so completely ridiculous? Of course, if you look hard enough you see that these places are all tied to the births of big religion. Big surprise they are so completely hosed.

It's amazing to me... that so many of the friends I have had forever on LJ are people with whom I have zero overlapping friends-list friends. It is a not-insignificant volume of random in the way all these diverse connections were made. :)

Dude... It's friday. :)
Have a great weekend.
If you get a chance ... do the coffee pot thing.
The Coffee Pot Thing: (see pic) clean and dry the coffee pot, open the lid - or remove it, if you can) and hold the open end against your face so you're looking at the world though the bottom of the pot, and walk down you stairs - daylight is best but then again, being overtired in the semi-darkness may prove to be more fun. :)

K... see ya. :)

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