Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Tuesday, May 6

And here it is... another beautiful day ... and I'm not at the skatepark?
grrrrrr! :)

Sitting here, in my office... watching out the front yard and to the street... I see my many neighbors leaving for work... and arriving home again. And I have to say... they're a strange lot.

~ cargo shorts...
~ orange tee...
~ and a warm hoodie soon. :)
~ finishing a slide deck for work...
~ going for a walk at lunch with zee (she works w-f)
~ skatepark after school / work with Geo... - scratch that... :( several reasons.
~ something made with pork for dinner... :)
~ and maybe some Dr. Who tonight...
~ for "second guessing" to stop playing with razzberee's head.
~ that there is plenty of hoops a'hoopen at the pixiecup-workshop. :)
~ to congratulate katie8471 for beeing all 'hands on' with the bike...
~ and for things to spin right for gillian16... 'cuz that's way more fun.

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday to a girl that I think might just be lost somewhere... mscantbwrong. I hope the world around you is one you're in more control of... where ever you are. :)
And happy birthday to mindcrime as well... again... where ever you are. :)
And a very happy birthday to the lovely... and always treasured tonya. I hope that today is made special... and that all of this year's tomorrows are wonderful, with a safe and healthy family and all the love you can handle. :)

A long long time ago... (1943) Queen Juliana (of the netherlands) was hanging in Ottawa - to avoid the nazi's - and gave birth to little mags. Princess Margriet was born in a room, at the Ottawa Civic Hospital. Canada brought out all the right officials and lawyers, and went ahead and designated that room as part of the soverign territory of the Netherlands... so that the princess would be born on Dutch soil. It's a lovely story... The royal family in the netherlands set about sending gazillions of tulip bulbs to Ottawa every year ever-after. :)
So that brings us the wonderful Ottawa Tulip Festival.
My mother has been a participating artist in the Tulip Fest for years... it's an amazing event with art-a-plenty, crafts, live music, theater and... a shit load of tulips. No seriously... Lots and Lots of Tulips.
This years "opening celebration" was opened to several local bands (think - school marching bands) to perform and herald the kick off of the fest.
Always ready to schmooze it up, Ottawa gets all the local dignitaries involved... including the chinese ambassador (btw).
Some joker signs up his "marching band" for the big show... and when it's their time to go out and perform... the all doff their blue "fulong gong" jumpers emblazoned with slogans and unfurl a giant banner.
However, just before they get on stage... the festivals organizing manager steps in and tells them to go blow themselves and sends them a'packing.
Now? Oh they're all over the local news cycle complaining of prejudice and discrimination.
Um... see, I'm all for sticking it to the man China Style. I don't really understand the Fulong Gong thing but I'm going to guess that it's a missunderstood-by-western-media thing that is based in religion and social protest.
Power to them... but that was totally shitty of them to try and hijack the Tulip Festival Opening Ceremony.
And three standing cheers to the Fest's Manager for sending them packing. !!

I need grass seed... soil... and fertilizer. I got me some ugly spots on the lawn that need repair'en. :)

I'm sitting here with my noise-canceling-headphones on... no music... just basking in the semi-silence.

k... time to go make sure the dinner thing is cook'en with gusto. :)

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