Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Sunday, May 4

Yeah, well, a day totally screaming "I'm gonna raaaaaaain."
and then not rain all day long. It's evening sunshine time...
the setting sun gets lower than the nasty clouds and baths
everything in brilliant light. The buds are only just starting to
burst so you can still "See through" the forest... and everything
is lit up, but with a dark backdrop. :D It's kinda neat.

I was working on dinner and ... when the sun starting blazing in...
I found myself transfixed. Just looking across the room and
appreciating the beauty of the house that surrounds me.
Gah... I sooo love it here. :)

~ well... see, I was planning to get up and mess with section "C" (the last) of the basement ceiling project...
~ but then I decided to sleep more. :)
~ met with treasurer-dude (homeowners association - I'm prez for another year) to talk about the minutes from the big AGM last week...
~ we did some cleaning, went to bayshore (big shopping center), (had a big ass smoothie from booster-juice)
~ now? I've just put four big beautiful chicken-kievs in the oven. (chicken breast, cut a little hole, open up a cavity in the middle, shove in a log-of-garlic-butter, then bread it and bake it)
~ er... "log of garlic butter"... take soft butter, add a lot of fresh crushed garlic, mix mix, blob it onto a length of wax paper, shape it into a long "log", roll up the paper, and put it in the freezer.
~ tonight? eh... no plans. :)
~ to tell drummer girl - hisbeauty - that she looks fantastic!! or, more precisely, to tell everyone else that she looks fantastic. :)
~ for some peace to find it's way to acoolsecretary... just 'cuz...
~ and to send a quiet little lj hug out to kay and wish for her and her family the greatest of ease in finding memories to that do justice to the spirit that surrounds them.

Birthday moments...
Happy day-late birthday my little earthgoddess. I hope you have a wonderful year... that things stay grand at work and ... that you get little surprises that keep you smiling.
And to my good friend... my brother-in-spirit... ayoub a happy day-late birthday to you too. It's been a long road for you to travel this last year, so I can only hope that the year ahead rewards you. :)
Oh, and little miss save'en the world... jjnslat. Happy day-late birthday sugar-jin. You are an amazing young woman and I hope the world pays you back a little this year for the hard work you've put into the last year. :)

And today... a very happy birthday to wenchlette. I hope you have a grand day today and that the year ahead is wonderful. :)

Not much to say today. :)
I'm happy... I'm busy... and I gotta go chop up some broccoli. :)

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