Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Friday May 2

Oh it's a gray and windy day. There be rain in the offing!!
Lotsa rain in the forecasts... :( This will seriously limit the skateboarding this weekend.

~ black tee, black jeans...
~ er... [ :: friday's other picture :: ]
~ um... that's like... a "carorules" moment... :)
~ talking to a new client about a new gig in Ottawa... (sigh)
~ out to a Thai lunch with zee... (:D)
~ watch Dr. Who with the boys...
~ try to decide what I want to make for dinner. :)
~ maybe watch a rip of Jumper tonight with the family...
~ to send a smile out to aireal
~ that raherrier has a great weekend (and that the ankle stops hurt'en).
~ for a little sunshine and brilliance to light things up a bit for gillian16 (begins neck massage)... what is it? 11 more days? :D
~ and that all is well in the life and times of nbbmom... because she's the bees knees baby... bees knees. :)

You can fool some of the people ... some of the time...
But you can't make a man look good in capri length anything.

Ed brought home his "medieval times" test from school (grade 4).
See... for those of you that either live in another country or have never encountered the contemporary grade four curriculum,
Grade Four Is Castle Year.
It climaxes with the building of a castle.
[ :: Geo's Castle from 2005 :: ]
Well... It's Edwards turn.
Daddy's across the school system are busy hording toilet paper tubes, styrofoam and ripping up newspaper for paper-mache (sp?). :)
Ok... fine... mommy's too.
The Castle Project officially begins today.
I've got a 25" X 25" base, painted and ready for the "terrain" process with the paper-mache. :)

w-w-w-way back in October and November I was taking these heavy duty courses for the stuff I do at work...
The final exams were these essay style deals that had to be (no shit) sent to The Netherlands to be marked.
Well we got our marks back today.
Stunningly, I passed... both of them.
So I'm officially a "master"* of my domain. :)

* their word, not mine. :D

Have a great weekend muchachos... y muchachas... :D

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