Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Monday, April 28

... and the rain rain rain
came down down down
in rushing rising rivlettes.

Holy spring rain batman... and the whole world is turning green.
Any day now the view out all our windows will change from the long vista of homes, baren trees and hills ... to nothing but a dense green forest.

~ up and at 'em with the boys-off-to-school thing...
~ but then I crawled back into bed for another hour of glorious sleep...
~ I divided up my day between rapid fire correspondence with DC and our offices there as more "stuff" gets worked out about the big drama of the contract cancellation...
~ and spending time studying new material for new contracts and ... the basement ceiling. Section B is just about done. Yesterday turned into a "mostly skateboarding" day ... with a nice long stretch at the park with Geo and a gazillion other kids. It is something for which I do not necessarily have adequate words to describe... this skateboarding thing. But suffice to say ... that is a brilliant "good" in my life. :)
~ I made spaghetti for dinner, cleaned that up and we headed over to my moms for the boys to finally get the hair cuts they need... and of course, they're both whining about the cuts...after practically begging to get them. Boys and hair cuts... evil.
~ that little pish... er mspish finds a house...
~ to smile at little gillian16... and make quiet wishes for her days to be wonderful...
~ for the chance to find my way to pasticcio... before I'm all grown up and stuff...
~ that innerly remembers to pass that hug along... :)
~ and for continues "happy travels" to my friend canuckgirl on her UK adventure.

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday gothikbutterfly... and may this be a year that brings you closer to your goals and rewards you for the effort to get there!

If you're an employee... you're a number on somebodies spreadsheet.
So see, the Canadian dollar is high... higher than it was a couple of years ago.
But it's only "high" when you compare it to something... it used to be "low" compared to the US$. Now it's high.
So several years ago, Dell shows up in town, holds a job fair, opens a call centre and presto... 1000 jobs.
The dollar tops up and presto... Dell closes the call centre and puts 500 people out immediately and the other 500... in a couple of months.
People... have got to learn and learn to remember:
Your employer does not care about you, no matter what that poster says in the lunch room.

// can chew me.

I groom
because I refuse
to give up hope.

See ya.

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