Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Sunday, April 27

So it was family-movie-night last night...
We had a nice bbq dinner... big giant skewers of beef, chicken and shrimp all with different marinaides and lots of yummi.
Then we hit blockbuster and brought home Premonition... a) because I love Sandra Bullock and b) because it was a "time" movie... (I love time movies). It was good, but the ending was harsh. We also brought home "hot rod"... omfg... K, if you have 10ish year old kids watching with you... you might wanna pee before you watch. :)
We also (three?) brought home Cloverfield... because I cannot wait to watch that in the pitch dark, with huge sound, on the giant tv... That's for tonight. :)

Yesterday was all about the basement ceiling "section B", which is coming along nicely... I'll finish it today I think, but then there's the vents and the pot lights to do... endless!!

~ off to skatepark with Geo... hoping it's dried out after lastnight's rain...
~ visit my moms art show...
~ take the boys to my moms for haircuts... (omg... they're both worse than beetles in 1969...)
~ working on the ceiling...
~ working on dinner...
~ and I gotta get lunch stuff for the boys...
~ for a nice day to come and go in the life and times of teasdale... for no reason... just 'cuz you're in my thoughts... :)
~ that tonya enjoys the planned dunking...
~ and for naked swimmer girl... (raylenetaskoski) to not forget her towel... :D

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday to long lost katy_kate... a woman who's life took several left turns a couple of years ago... and now? I wonder. I hope you are well sugar.
And because things go in circles... I get to say "a very happy birthday wish out to the lovely beree-girl (razzberee). I hope you have a wonderful birthday and that the year ahead keeps you laughing and smiling and enjoying all the little moments. :)

Evil is a choice.
Stupid is just unfortunate.
Judging stupid as if it were evil...
... is at the heart of so many bad situations.
Heck... I bet you could ask a cop about that and get a lot of head nodding.

I was so very happy with the prospect of being "on a gig" until the end of the year... eight years of 3 month contracts, constant negotiations and "sales planning" is a drag... and it felt good to be a big ol'assignment. Sigh... now it's back to the drawing board.

If her eyes and mouth can smile and light up my heart...
There is nothing that age can do to the rest of her that will diminish her beauty.

~ k, gotta go.

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