Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Monday, April 21

See... more sunshine. My buds in DC are complaining about being drowned by the unending rain.
At the moment, it appears as though good weather is following me around.
If you'd like me to come to your town, you'll need to send a ticket. :)

~ Steal every moment of sleep I can snag before I have to shower-up and get on the conference calls. :)
~ busy morning with client stuff... but that's boring. The fun was lunch.
~ take off to the skatepark for the lunch hour... meet an "older guy" (which in skate park land, is between 17 - 25) who was all about working with me to get a better 180 on the half pipe... very cool. I am always very much pleased to encounter the grand spirit that lives in the hearts and minds of skaters. They are soooo not usually the dick-heads you imagine from their shabby appearance and tough exterior. :)
~ more life-as-a-telephone in the afternoon and now? I'm ready for a short team-meeting and then to get busy cooking up some rainbow trout for dinner. I'm thinking cajun with sweetened rice and a huge mess of vegetables.
~ lunch at the sk8 park.
~ tonight? no plans man... we pounded back BB, the stuuuuuuuuuuupid end of the stuuuuuuuupid Oprah Big Give (retarded show... period) and Desperate House Hoes. Having enjoyed every second of Battlestar ... ohmygod kalie... !!!!!!, I'm pretty much up-to-date in tv land. :) (I've Torchwood and several Burn Notices in the can but those kinda wait for business trips so I can entertain myself in odd situations. :D)
~ oh, and we'll be watching George Lopez... it's really become an evening ritual... GL with bedtime snacks and then up to read to Edward while Geo reads and then Lights OUT. :)
~ speaking of Geo... poor little guy has such a cold... his throat is all sore and icky... (my fingers are crossed ... ) so I kept him home from school today. :(
~ that teasdale gets to have more of the laughing...
~ to pick out a good seat from which I can watch sassy_red_head take on canada post.
~ to send a random smile out to honuhoney
~ and for the unashamed joy of getting to be a part of so many firsts to keep on wrapping around princessblondie

Ok... I'm not trying to be offensive, and I say that because I read this header as a link in someone elses journal.
"It is NOT a polygamy compound! its a RELIGIOUS compound!"
That's a bit like... "... it's a white peoples compound." or "... it's a human sheep compound".
~ thing is, ok... the arguement behind this culminates to a reasonable "it's the religion that is the problem..."
and that's fine. But it still propogates that messed up things get to be called religions and that this ... means something.
It's not a catch-all term for the x-files of a social workers file cabinate.
At issue is that the social order of things in crazy town included significant proported abuse.
So the social order is in question.
And hopefully it will be "people" that stand in judgement.
It's not whatever bent practices made 'em think the abuse was good idea.
That puts their religion up infront of them like some kind of magic shield.
Screw that...

Goes to skate park for lunch hour...
Drive there... get 'bucks coffee on the way... ride for 35 mins... drive back.
A few homies doing their "how low can I let my jeans ride down my boxers" thing...
I skate around... getting my sea legs going...
Dude shows up... total skater, tears up a pattern, and pretty much rocks it out.
I enjoy watching that shit up close.
Homies go...
I talk to dude... (I'm guessing early 20's)
and next thing I know he's standing in the half pipe coaching away to me about style and method.
instant improvement in my game.
big happy that dude was such a good karma moment.
My goal now is to 50-50 back and forth on the halfer.
Doing that, for soooo many kids... is not-that-big-a-deal.
To me... vast... vast. :D

I vow to go to bed before 1:00 am.
shut up.
no, seriously.

ps. "Taken by Trees" (Victoria Bergsman)... looking for mp3's.
julia, lost and found, open field, only yesterday... :)

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