Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Sunday, April 20

Yesterday... today...
Stunningly perfect days.
Beautiful weather, and lots of goofing around. :)

I took my first trip out to the skatepark yesterday...
It was great fun.
Saw a few kids that remember me well 'nuf to be saying hi and asking about Geo.
Got to test myself a bit without scaring the crap out of myself... I'll save that for a bit.
I've got to start in on the "go every morning before work starts" routine again. :)

~ arg... er... wait, I'm not a pirate
~ up after a big sleep-in till 10:00 and "at 'em" with folding laundry and feed'en people. :)
~ road trip to check out a desk that Suz found on [ :: kijiji ::]
~ and? We bought it... I haggled in my charmingly-in-your-face sorta way and she was happy to take my offer. :) (<-big smile). (see below)
~ cost-co to get more coffee... four pound bag of 'bucks... wohoo...
~ more olli practicing... I'm trying to get a solid foot in the air across the whole board and land without feeling like I just risked my life...
~ off to my bro's house for my one of my four niece's 18th birthday
~ and watching BB tonight.
~ tomorrow's going to be a big-back-to-work-monday with a heavy schedule. :(
~ the internets would stop rick-rolling me...
~ that little growing things in pageeater's world are not much set back by a little snow.
~ and for beachdog to stick to the whole recycling gig... 'cuz he's the green man!

Half hour of DDR.
Fifteen minutes of shooting baskets
Half hour of olli practicing.
~ excellent cardio and physical work out. :)

It is a wonderful thing in the land of me...
That so many of you are such proud parents.
This is such a valuable part of my lj exp. :)

I just nicked over to my neighbors house again to catch two frames I missed.
Their house is being built... they don't move in till end of june... I think.
I'm making them a cd with a sorted and labelled list of photographs of every single square inch of their house just-before-they-drywall-it.
So it'll be a record of where every wire, pipe, vent, stud and beam is for ... whatever.
I guarantee there will be good reason to reference these at some point as they settle in. :)

And the desk thing...
I keep a simple desk in our sort-of-living room... we put a french door on it and use it as a quiet room. Big windows... lovely.
That's where I work when I "work from home" (which is pretty much all the time I'm not on a client site, like in DC).
Suz and I use our extra bedroom for our "play computers", desks and stuff...
But this "living room" zone is purely for getting my day-job done.

I was sitting at this...

And now I'll be sitting at this.

(now, I gotta think about the chair... :D)

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