Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Friday, April 18

Home again ... :)
I always feel so "alive" when I get home from b-trips.
Like, I've been on "hold" since I left... and it's a big mental release to come home and throw on crappy clothes and just ... goof around.

~ up and packed and at the office by 8:00... leaving my stuff in my room... hotel is between work and the metro station... which will get me to the far end of things faster than a cab in 9:15 traffic.
~ meeting with clients and settle some intelectual-property issues...
~ then a team meeting... and out the door by 9:05... back to hotel, hotel to subway, subway to west-falls-church and cab from there to Dulles. (couldn't wait for the airport shuttle bus thing).... and fly home!
~ oh, and stop to buy my boss more booze... 18 year old single malt scotch... am I a kiss-ass or what! wohoo... :)
~ home, and hug kids like mad.
~ that sometimes59 ... enjoys a little party. :)
~ and to send some big lj love waaaaay across the world to kay and pray for the strength of the cool goddesses to be with her and for the big peace to find her mom... gently.

that big ol'polygamy 200 (or is it 400?) kids...
sister aunts and brother uncles...
pork chops n' apple sauce
that is one seriously messed up story.

I gottsta build me a "ball fence" betwen the laneway and the ravine with a new "great lakes lake" at the bottom.

Ed was on the edge all day today...
he really thought he had won the first round
of the "public speaking" comp and was going
on to speak in front of the school... but he
tied with this girl who's speech was 10 seconds
longer... so it went to her.
He was crushed.
So he started daggers at his teacher.
She didn't like that.
And as long as he doesn't beat her up...
I'm not all that broken up about this little
taste of reality.

~ k, time to go. :)

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