Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Wednesday, April 16

A very Pope-ee day. Sunshine and g-g-g-gorgeous!

Today began with the realization that I didn't have my wallet. ... !!!
I figured ... Macys.
I realized at about 10 minutes-before-I-had-to-be-at-a-meeting.


Went to work... did my workee thing.
And then me and my boys went to the big M before they opened and talked to security for a while.
They searched... nadda.
Back to the office... then back to the hotel for another "tear apart the room" experience...
AND PRESTO... I found it under my suitcase... where it fell when I hung my pants up!
Phew. no seriously... FREAKING PHEW!

More meetings... and then we blew it all off to go catch some pope-ee-ness.

~ three client meetings...
~ working the "status report" I prep'ed last night...
~ try to catch the pope...
~ take more trains after work to food... fudruckers feast...
~ and now? Big Brother and blog land. :)
~ for sugar-cath... canuckgirl... to hurry up and feel better. :)
~ to send a little smile at innerly :)
~ that caroline75 has a great trip...
~ and cynica... "conventize"... bwahahahahahahaha

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday to a little bit of sin... er... to a lj friends daughter and a sweet little bit... lola_sin. And I doubt she'll see this. :) but have a great year anyways sugar. :)

So we went for a walk. I burned the top of my getting-bald-little-head.
I told the guys to get up and come with me and they all think they work for me, so...
We walked and walked... turning aside at road barriers and WALLS OF COPS.
We ended up at 17th and Pennsylvania Avenue.
There were "some folks" there... but as we stood there, taking in all the silly people... it totally packed in. !!
A couple of thousand people shoulder to shoulder.
Scary, trippy street people, business men and women in expensive suits... business men in shitty suits... not many women in shitty suits...
hell fire breathing posture people...
pontif dreamers and men in long robes.

So I took some pictures. :D

can you say... "crown control"...

dude was so freaking animated (white shirt)... yelling his head off. Clearly someone who knows what the christian god is thinking.

!! woah...

This photo is called "the truth hurts".

The pitt boss guys...

And the pontificator!

Wave'en and smile'en at the compressed christians and curious "others". wohoo... :)

I read a headline in the paper about Americans getting their tax returns and the suggestion was that despite the choices people had about what to do with it, the government wants you to spend it. Not pay down debt... not save for retirement... but to "spend spend spend". Do you know why? Because that way you GIVE THEM BACK THE MONEY THEY HAD TO GIVE BACK TO YOU BY OVERTAXING YOU. What do they want it for? To PROP UP THEIR AGENDA... definitely not to help you.
I was mighty offended by this.
And I'm Canadian.

Big Brother 10 Rule page at CBS.
7. You must be a United States citizen and live in the United States.
bummer... LOL

~ K... going to try to make windows movie-maker work on my lap top. It seems to always crash... but I'll try again. :)
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