Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Not a second past five years old...
Five dollar haircut clearly saying "not again for another four months"
Walking, attached to mom, holding his little arm up to hold her hand.
It's rush-hour and they're on the move.
They could have been at the Smithsonian,
Or any number of simply breathtaking and inspiring monuments,
Monuments that actually make you overlook the freaking unbelievable gothic architecture.
But as they walked past the ally I could see nothing but enraptured curiosity and awe in his little face,
As he looked... looked back once... then twice... then straining on moms grip for a third look...
At the open door to back of the 12th street McDonalds.
So cute... I had to stop walking and absorb it. :)

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