Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Tuesday, April 15

That's a "new shoes" smile... :)
I'll show you the shoes tomorrow.

I learned what it means when someone refers to someone else's words as "Talking all Jim Crow man..."
Honestly... I had no clue before co-worker girl explained it to me.

~ to sit here like a lump and watch the rest of Big Brother... (I dl'ed the epi I missed from sunday night last night).
~ geek out writing a project status report until the wee hours... and then sleep like a log till like drags me kicking and groaning out of bed in the morning. :)
~ today was utter madness. Still riding high on yesterdays success... but I had to blow half of today swimming in the politics of this contract... very frustrating. :(
~ to send some magic to my little shoo shoo... er... shoo. :)
~ for the prayers of many... to help one little granny... to gliterybuterfly's grans...
~ and for a little strength of the goddess... to find it's way to amythyst.

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday giggly-girl...(giggly_girl)... although you're the much absent cabricker-girl... I hope you are well sugar. :)
and to super stick girl... kendokamel... happy birthday sugar-kendo. May you be well pleased with the little bits of happiness that sneak up on you this year.
AND!! a very very happy birthday to sugar-bronze (bramey)... I know this will be a wonderful... beyond wonderful year for you. May great happiness and grand fortune to hold you in her warm little hands all year long. :)

Walking back to the office after lunch, dude in a suit sticks a foot long, three inch wide microphone in co-worker dudes face while heavy duty tv camera man guy gets the tape.
Question is about McCain.
Co-worker dude chats it up... he's a knowledgable guy - also a republican and forsees a McCain victory.
Co-worker dude asks "So where's this going to be seen?"
Meanwhile, I'm looking at the arabic script on the microphone logo...
"Oh, in Bahgdad... TV Iraq" (or some rot like that)
And all I can think about is how they're going to twist his words.
I've known for ever... since my days as a fed for the Canadian Gov.... if someone sticks a big ass microphone in your face... start making piggy snorty noises... if they have a camera man... start picking your nose. You're tape will never make it on tv.

Looking for shoes...


~ and then, after eating inexpensive crap for two nights in a row... I had a room-service feast. :)

Yeah... good riddance Randi...

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