Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Sunday, April 13

I'm only half here today... my brain is starting to slip in the washington zone.

ah ha!! sunshine!
There's still some sneaky little clouds but all I have eyes for is the sun.

I stood about yesterday taking stock of the many projects I have lined up for this summer.
We have a family trip to a lake planned for early August and several "camp" zones for kids...
Geo is even going "away" to overnight - 2 weeks!!! - camp this summer.
Add in all-the-skateboarding-I-can-handle and... it's going to be a very busy summer. :)

~ off on a Cost-co run ... to lay in the food for the family for the week while I'm away.
~ making chicken fingers to put in the freezer (same reason)
~ packing...
~ making an early dinner...
~ fly away to DC at 7:35... so I have to leave for the airport at 5:00.
~ my little zee wasn't getting a cold... poor sugar is in the "sore throat" stage and I have to go away! :(
~ to remind you that militantmomma... has the most lovely smile you're going to find on my friends page... :)
~ that nola_misty found homes for the little tiny bundles of fur...
~that notcharming has found a way to put herself back together again... after snapping apart...
~ and to send a smile out to the lovely and so very distant perevodilka ...

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday seanyoda... and may you have a truly wonderful year. Your journal always comes through with something interesting or provoking and ... your birthday is my chance to say thanks. :)
A vary happy birthday to long lost ratonil... I hope you are safe and well and enjoying a wonderful birthday.
And to my little carisa (icicle), Happy birthday little sugar and may you have an absolutely grand day and a year of great emotional reward. :)

I would like to build a massive half-pipe in my back yard...
Been looking at plans.

We watched "27 Dresses" last night... and I was pleased by how much I enjoyed it.
It's nice to see a movie like that with totally low expectations and find yourself enjoying it. :)
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