Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

I got yer ions right here baby...

Ok... so this is a weee bit gross. :)

You've officially been warned.


We went to this "cottage, boat, and backyard" show at a downtown stadium.
There was this "kiosk" staffed by these very french - french from France... as opposed to french-from-Quebec, people.
They were promoting this "body cleansing Ion Bath system".

You could do your hands or you could do your feet.

I decided to go with Feet.
It was near the end of the evening and there weren't a lot of peeps around, so it was no biggy to let me try it out.

Holy crap man.

The idea is that they hook one electrod to your arm and then the other end of the "system" is in the water with your appendages.
When they turn it on... it starts leaching impurities out of your body. If you do your feet... it's working on your lower torso.
If you do your hands... it's working your head and chest?

If you work in the fields of holistic and alternative care products and concepts... maybe you know something about this?
If you do... please... do tell!!

EDIT: It's total bunk... we were saying to the lady... um, it's coming out of that device... not my feet. Then she's all (in french) "no, it travels through you to that point..." bwahahaha... Thank you for the great links to the "foot bath bunk" web sites. :D
ps. still fun though. :)

Google "Ion Cleansing Bath" and you'll see plenty of sites.

So here's my feet in the little bucket... just before they turn it on.

And here's my little feet after about 2 minutes.

And here's dorky me sitting with my feet in a bucket at a trade show. :)

Now... I'm putting the rest under a cut... frankly because it's wicked gross.
Her commentary in total french (that we had to translate with a little help from polite strangers) was to ask me if I had broken any bones or if I had joint pain?
Because my "output" was really Orange.
I have very very low body salt... so the machine was working extra hard to get stuff out of me...
But I sat there for the full 30 minutes and the pictures under the cut take you from the two minute mark... to the end.

~ 4 minutes

~ 6 minutes

~ 10 minutes

~ 14 minutes...



~ getting some "green bubbles"...

~ and 30 minutes in.

The machine beeps and I'm done.
The lady beside me was "doing her hands" and she was getting black stuff with lots of green bubbles.

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