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Friday... blessed Friday... April 11.

Housecoat and bed head till 1:00 in the afternoon.
All hail the gods of teleworking. :)

Yeah, so... it's all about the rain today.

~ take yesterdays clarity and turn it into a powerpoint show to shove down the throats...present to the teams and the clients...
~ get sorted to lay waste to my "telework area" in the little study at the front of the house. I have to pack it up and take it all to DC on Sunday night.
~ watch Survivor... downloading it now... somehow I managed to miss it in Ottawa, Calgary, and Vancouver... !!!! grrrrrrr
~ watching Paprika tonight... Geo has another friend over for a sleep-over (pizza for dinner... yeah :D)
~ oh, ahh... I forgot... suz wants to "go to the outdoors show" tonight... sigh...
~ that team innerly destroys the competition in the big finale of the Mexican Wrestling Extravaganza...
~ for tonya to hear little snip snippy noises...
~ that indigobluejelly feels better soon,
~ and to point out that cynnerthhas a heart the size of ancient pangea.!!!

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday fireguy455!! May the year keep you healthy... happy and close to folks that love you. Oh, and that you get yerself a big ass tv too. :)

Oh shit...
Pope Benedict XVI will visit Washington DC from
April 15th through April 17th. His itinerary includes Mass at the new
Nationals Park and visits to the White House, the Basilica of the
National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception and Catholic University.
Based on inquiries for tickets to the Mass, it is estimated that more
than 250,000 will descend upon the city to get a glimpse of the Pope
during his first visit to the U.S. In light of these estimates, the
staff at the Loudoun County Office of Transportation Services in
conjunction with the management at Veolia Transportation have decided to
keep the commuter buses out of Washington DC during the afternoons of
Wednesday, April 16th and Thursday, April 17th…

Fucking Pope... always gett'en up in my shit.

Okay, now seriously... all poop... er I mean, Pope jokes aside.
WHAT AN AMAZING DRAG. I mean - d'uh... of course I'm going to bring my camera - but dude... the freak'en Pope? The week I'm in DC?
I gotta check my hotel resi and make sure they haven't bumped me for some ... dude in sheet... robe... whatever.

It's not the things that lovers do,
It's the things that loving does.

no seriously... Victoria Bergsman... her voice... in this song... is like an unstoppable force in my mind... causing me to want her.

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