Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Thursday, April 10

I weeel keeeeeeeeel you... chomp!

Bandaids' are still on. :)
well... fresh ones... but,
gah... never mind.

Crazy beautiful day.
Half of that was from mommy nature.
The other half ... came from within, when I got a point that all my issues at work fell away.
I mean... they're still there, but see, things in this kind of work only look bad when you don't ...
don't know the answer,
don't understand the problem,
feel like the dark-you're-thrashing-around-in ... is closing in.
But then ... a light turns on.
All the little pieces spinning around your head in a maelstrom... suddenly come together,
and everything is right with the world once again.

~ yeah... damage control morning...
~ epiphany afternoon...
~ calm cool and collected end to the day.
~ back in front of my shit, on my game. :)
~ taking in one of our neighbors kids... geo's friend... son of our friends... all the same person... they're away... he's here and off to school in the morning.
~ big s'pah-getti dinner
~ and then groceries.
~ now? about to watch survivor.
~ for glossgirl to escape the head-boomer...
~ that 99catsaway would watch Pacific Heights again and maybe feel like ... well, like it could be worse.
~ ahhhh! that the world around bulvai gets back to normal soon!
~ and that sassy_red_head isn't getting sick... :(

Birthday moments...
Grattis pŒ fšdelsedagen kissekat!!!! May you have a wonderful day and a peaceful year ahead.
Happy birthday Paul... (henman) and you never know man... 42 may indeed be the answer. Have a great year!!

Iran is now officially the biggest threat to all you 'mericans.
Yessiree... it don't madda where you is.
Amadinnerjob is gonna get you at your 7-11.
He's hunt'en you on da campus.
You can't escape the scary Iranian locus of evil.

OH Wait!
Iran is this big honking Class A threat to America
Over der in that eye-rackee place.
You know... the fifty-first state.

I'm totally terrified of taking my snow tires off.
Like... a four day snow storm will start the next morning.

gah... I'm all teared up over a stupid thing on Oprah's Big Give.
Cancer boy fly'en with the family in Trumps chopper over NY.
I'm such a sucker. :)

~ k, time to go. :)
Have a great sleep tonight.

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