Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Sunday, April 6

A day filled from start to finish with "spring cleaning" like jobs...
putting away skies, getting down the bikes...
Snow mats out of the cars... vacuuming the cars...
Sweeping out the garage, watching geo and his friends play b-ball...
All of this with a warm sun and and perfectly blue sky. :)

A beautiful day. :)

~ TO KILL MY COMPUTER. It's to the point where it just freaking crawls... churning away... I've "cleaned it" with everything imaginable, but still... So I've just finished copying the last bits and pieces to the "D drive" (separate hard drive) and I'll be formatting and reinstalling on the C: So I have to wave good bye to all the cool software I've acquired... which, to rub my nose in the irony, is prol'y why the dam thing is so slow. Grrrr.
~ to congratulate aristophren on a very noteworthy achievement... :)

Birthday moments...
A very happy birthday to stephiechai!! May fortune hold you and your family firmly in her grip and let the blessings of good health and happiness sneak in between fortunes fingers. :)

Dear Cost-co check out girl:
I guess it's kind of "go you" moment with the good looks, youthful and a great body...
But I'm pretty sure none of the girly fashion mags told you to wear the low-rise jeans so freaking tight that they squeeze your whole body in extra ass-crack up your back.

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