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Friday, The Day That Is Actually April 4

~ goes gansta on mommy-nature.

Ah yes... snow, rain, snow, and ... oh, so this is what "sleet" is... cool.
And lucky me... I get to drive downtown in this... all the while, listening to the guy on the radio tell me how wonderful the weekend will be.
So now I'm just a'waiten for the weekend.
In fact at 4:30 I shut all my office crap down and said "screw it... I'm off."

Welcome to friday. :D :D

~ blue, blue, black and black.
~ it's habit forming. :)
~ establish a base camp in the forest of Peru
~ meet with mercenary team for tea
~ launch coup and set up a military junta
~ claim Peru for my own.
~ oh, and head downtown for a staff meeting thing over the lunch hour. We ate Indian. That's the food... not "an indian"... which would have been weird.
~ smile about having finished all the hard parts of my taxes... we get refunds, so no rush to check and double check my details.
~ watch Survivor tonight... we never got near it last night. :
~ for a mini avocado avalanche to catch sometimes59 off guard and bury her in yummi green goodness
~ that some of that "power of zolton" stuff to find amythyst...
~ and to point out that crayolaphoenix... is totally the right digits. :D

Birthday moments...
Yeah, so I'm a spaz... but we all knew that before...
Todays moment is brought to you by me mixing up yesterdays date... which mean I was a'wishen for irishgypsie yesterday instead of kataish.
You'd think... eh... no big... but then I went and put April 4 in the post heading, which means... if I was emo and slightly retarded, I'd have good reason to realize that nobody actually reads this rot. However, I'm a spaz... not retarded... and I eat emo with warm milk for breakfast... so this doesn't actually bother me. :)
All of that to say... happy birthday irishgypsie and see yesterday for the actual "wish". :D
And... for kataish, who got missed... happy birthday sugar. I hope you had a brilliant day and that the year ahead keeps you in smiles.

"Those words should never be spoken in public... or in private." blathers on the Canadian federal politician on the radio today. Seems someone found a SEVENTEEN YEAR OLD vid of this guy saying some crappy thing about gays and aids. The "other guys" want his head ... He's on the radio apologizing up and down, left and right and proclaiming his stupid-atude about having made this greevous error.
K... first... SUCKER!!! man... not only were you stupid back then... you were so stupid you let someone video tape you being stupid. Here, have a dumb-biscuit...
But second... It kinda got my hackles up a bit when his begging and pleading included that bit about "... or in private." ... Like we need rules to govern how folks have to behave ... in private? I dunno... but if some joker wants to sit on his can, in his lonely studio apartment and chant racial epitaphs I don't think it's anybodies business. I mean... "private" is... private. Right?

You have it in you...
Even if you can't feel it.
It's there.
Your purpose in life...
... is to unlock these secret bits of you.


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