Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Thursday, April 4

Okay... now it's totally on.
Day starts at -9... and it's +9 by lunch. Sunny and all about the blue sky.
Hoops and wheels... for "coffee breaks" and a busy busy day spent beside a big window.
Working by natural light... verges on spiritual ... in a mother earth - the goddess, kinda way. :)

~ gray ftls,
~ blue p-z jeans
~ and yet another black tee. :)
~ getting busy with the client project... we're in "meet the parents" mode with all these meetings scattered across my calender
~ shoot hoops at lunch...
~ get the skateboard out for "afternoon break"! :D
~ and go to the bank to do some homeowners association stuff at the end of the business day.
~ tonight is all about Survivor and playing with the kids. :D
~ for a green thumb to find it's way to teasdale's hand...
~ to, once again, roll playfully at the feed of gifgal... my coffee godess... as I open another bag of french roast... :)
~ that minarets remembers her umbrella, for when things really get busy...
~ and for the power of zolton to embrace pageeater and keep her safe...

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday irishgypsie... may you find ample opportunity to roll around naked in the periwinkle... :D And I hope you had a lovely day.

It is a shameful thing.
The way we treat our idols.

You'd think, all things considered...
We'd do a much better job of taking care of them.

Worship, it seems, has very little to do with respect.

Which explains a lot, when you consider religion.
Although this started with Vicki Van Meter.

So this is round four - I think - on big life long merry-go-round of liking the beetles.
I - of course - blame "Across The Universe"... but be that as it may...
There's no avoiding it.
It'll last a year or so...

We've been catching up on Heroes.
I think we have two left.
I've never checked - for fear of seeing some info that kills the story for me - their web site to see what happens with the show overall.
I dunno if the series ended... between seasons? canceled?
Eh... Oh wait... the writers strike? did that have something to do with it?

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