Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Monday, March 31

~ is he fart'en? You'll never know. :D
Wake up to new snow...
This is... no doubt, a direct result of my having spent the entire afternoon and evening putting together the basketball hoop thing... (and, btw, just putting the sand into the base... killed me.... Oh my aching back!!!)

Snow turned to Rain... and rain became fog... and now? It's raining again.
If it goes for a "deep freeze" any time soon... it'll be another winter nightmare. :)

~ blue ftls... blue jeans... orange tee... black hoodie. :)
~ yeah, well... k, so another day at the project. Working on meeting requests and product reports for the clients...
~ watching as dumber and dumbest arrive and cart away our sofa... too many "problems" with the sofa, so we opted to return it and... order one that will take 3 months to get here. :(
~ got another homeowners association meeting tonight... it's the "run up" to the annual general meeting... so there's all this stuff to do...
~ George Lopez with the family... (the episode with the adult heads on the kids... omfg!!!!)
~ that there's more smooshiefaceinc-in-Miami to see...
~ for iamharmony to enjoy vast benefits from having a little perspective on the things we accept into our brains as young adults...
~ that there were easy answers for kimmellee... but I fear that is not to be...
~ and to smile at whataboutjen... just 'cuz...

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday little queenie... er queeniexb. May the year ahead make the year behind feel like a worthy labour.
and to the long lost ju ... happy birthday where ever you are. :)

Intelligent Design...
It's like when I sit down with a 70 year old guy that spent his life as a medical doctor and, in his reborn-ed-ness... completely believes the story of Adam and Eve to be truth.
I just can't help cracking a smile... and edging away so I don't catch what ever the hell he has.
A friend posted a link to a page of links associated with the "expelled" movie... I gotta say... Mr. Stein... you disappoint me.

and on another "all organized religion makes me laugh" note...

Have you ever asked yourself "what the heck?" about the whole "Scientology" thing? Thinking about Cruise and Travolta and all that...
You need to find a relaxing chair.
It's nothing. Plain and simple.
It was (and the documentation on this is vast) literally "invented" by L. Ron Hubby-man, with some buddies in University as a concept for tax evasion.
And that... is... exactly... all... it is today.

I got nowhere near doing my taxes last night...
Nor did anything get done on the ceiling project.
But ... attempting to get these sorts of things done... is better than nothing.
... and I really need to get to my taxes. !!!!!

~ one thing is for certain.
I'm a whole lot happier than I ever hoped I would be. :)

K... gotta go to the 'meet'en. :D

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