Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

... and a moment of reality.

It's a pd day.
Drove Geo up to the ski hill with his friend.
Ed had a big sleep in... easy lunch... came for the drive to the hill, because he's not old 'nuf to be home alone.
Afternoon for him was runescape, other games and tv.
I asked him to go outside (it's beautiful outside)... he didn't want to.
We negotiated a 10 minute stay on the outdoor requirement.
10 minutes go by...

The world-is-ending style melt down has only just subsided.
It began a half hour ago.
It peaked after my second walk away and find my calm voice moment.
I layed out "Get off the floor, take off your boots and spend the next 20 minutes in your room...
... do it now or I go downstairs and shut down the computer for two days. five... four... three... "
He didn't want to go outside because there was nothing to do.
Despite the endless list of choices I was giving him.
He went out at one point... but returned a moment later.

He only stopped... because his fit was interrupted by Geo's return.
Suz picked him and his friend up... and brought the walking dead guy home.
Scraped-to-blood slashing rakes of ouch across his whole torso side and onto his back.
My input? "It's just a flesh wound... here's an bag of frozen peas... put these on it for now."

Fun eh.

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