Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Thursday, March 27

~ yes indeed... that say's "thursday!".

The worker bees are busy building the "house next door". Gone is the vacant 2 acre lot. :)

It occurs to me that I'm better. Finally.
It's been two... no, three weeks to shake that cold SLASH flu.
Evil little thing. :(

~ p-z jeans... bright orange tee. :)
~ yeah... so some days are more on the "this is madness" side of things with this project. Today was one of those. Yesterday was great... so I'm going to pretend it's yesterday. :)
~ "Student Led Conference" day ... the modern equivalent to the "parent teacher interview's" of old. So it's off to the school for the early evening. Of course, they have a "book fair" too... seeing as we're all there and theoretically have our wallets with us... What better time to buy overpriced knick Knacks or books your kids wont read...
~ Survivor tonight... :)
~ that my friend, Nadz (acoolsecretary) continues to feel better... !!!
~ for nbbmom to get a phone call...
~ that lakme can get bad porn ... ridiculous porn... out of her brain...
~ to let uawildcatgrl know that she's all that and a bag of chips...
~ and to just send a smile out to snarky_angel ... just 'cuz.

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday to the long lost justvisiting. I hope this wish finds you... and finds you well. Enjoy your day Isabel. :)

The ten commandments...
The constitution...
Human rights...
The golden rule.

Three are tenuous at best, and pretty much wishful thinking... let alone "do as I say, not as I do" concepts.
One... and you can figure that out for yourself... is the only reality that seems to have any longevity, let alone traction.

And he said "all you have to do is let me, and I'll love you till the end of time."
Then he stood there.
Letting the line form to the left.
All the while wondering "why hasn't anyone said this to you before?"

I'm out of coffee filters.
This is pretty much on par with "a sign of the apocalypse".
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