Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Wednesday, March 26

Sunshine, crisp winds... melting snow... spring, in full motion.

I watched pixiecup on a news show...
[ :: check her out :: ]
~ how amazingly cool is she?

~ black jeans... black tee... blue sweater. :)
~ full day of fun and excitement on the phone, kicking project tasks into high gear...
~ dealing with bosses that ring me up to scare me... or at least, that pretty much how is seems... !
~ take a cost-co run... return some stuff - Note: I love that if I don't have my receipt... they can just look it up. :D
~ make lasagna for dinner... but not from scratch... from cost-co... and it's fricken delicious... so there.
~ and gotta bunch of stuff to do for the "homeowners association" tonight.
~ that psychomagnet fully enjoys her moment of relief...
~ that Mr. beachdog manages to pear down the dementia-maker...
~ for circlek to hook up with Link and download the B12 Helicopter Pilot program cell-phone repair program...
~ to point out that pixiecup is a supa-stahhhhhh!
~ and to send a wee poke out to teasdale... because as long as I'm breathing... she's never alone. well ok... but still....

Robert Latimer is a Canadian that off'ed his severly handicapped daughter as a mercy killing. It's a very long and definitely not-new story.
Regardless of your feelings on the subject...
He is near the end of the jail term and getting close to the "move him to a halfway house and give him day perole" stage.
But the parol board and legions of complainers are worried about what risk he represents to society.
So what do they do...?
They grant him special day leave to attend his terminally ill mothers bedside.
I can just hear him saying to the EMP... "nope... that's not my pillow. I've never seen that pillow before..."

Revenge is a tricky business.
Despite the hackneyed anecdotes on the subject,
You cannot escape the stain it will leave on you.
At least when we let society define the parameters for revenge,
We dilute the issue enough that either we don't notice,
Or we all end up painted with the same dirty colours.

I can never get over how precious [ :: you :: ] are.


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