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Sunday, March 23

Well g'morning. :)
I still feel like such crap when I wake up...
but I seem to feel miles better if I just get busy with the day...
so here I am. :)

B'in clean'en and stuff... and the vacuum is calling to me...

Blue sky, sunshine and c-c-c-cold.

~ ma holy ginch... (ar ar ar)
~ blue p-z jeans
~ warm shirt... dude, it's still so flipp'en cold here!! :(
~ going outside to take down the xmas lights...
~ cooking a 12 lb ham and a vast pot of scallop potatoes
~ open the door to let in a dozen relatives - all carrying side-dishes for dinner
~ enjoy a big family spread. :D
~ that I don't screw up the ham.
~ that ossie has an easy time in his last trimester. :)
~ for mentalconundrum to enjoy ... the frame!!
~ and to totally gah! at sometimes59 over how big she is!!! Holy cow does time every fly!!!

Birthday moments...
To wish a late (yesterday) but heartfelt happy birthday to ladymeg1... the girl with the big check marks on the dream chart. May this next year keep you safe and you rush through the wild world you're living in.
And for today... A very happy birthday to little miss boo1. May the corners you've put behind you ... stay back there and let the road ahead stay as brilliant as it can be.
Happy birthday out to jenbibi too... I hope you find the people that love and cherish you... have all the chances they can get to show you the love. :)

To my many many friends that celebrate zombie savior day... may you continue to take strength.

I know I've mentioned it before... but for those of you that missed it...
I totally dig "Musicovery" [ :: click it :: ]
No seriously...
Hey!!!! Somebody with an iPod touch... click that link when you have a wi-fi connection and tell me if it works. :D :D :D

K... I've got lots to do today. :)
Have a great day and if you get to spend it with friends and family... Power to you. :D

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