Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Thursday, March 20

Still looking for pizza! oh but wait... what's that I see... :D

Yeah, so I'm watching the weather. Everything tomorrow needs to go off smoothly...
Which is actually a magical spell that will cause all kinds of things to strangely off track.
The real trick is to anticipate which bits are headed for the curb, and try to get there first
And push 'em back in line.

Purrrrcy... is so in love with the brushing.
She's trot over if you're gonna let her out.
She'll run over and do the ankle bob-and-weave for food.
But dude... she does the kitty-rocket if you clack the brushes together.
(gotta use two... one for her to chew on and rub her face on ...
and another to drive her completely mental or brush her... take your pick.
Different words... mean the same thing.
Silly kitty.

~ black stripee ftls
~ black jeans...
~ blue cape cod tee
~ and... at various times... a black hoodie.
~ in fact, there were actually two black hoodies in play
~ I alternated.
~ yeah... well woke up feeling like hell so I called it a wash after getting the kids away to school and went back to bed.
~ up for all kinds of busy all afternoon... worrying about how long it will take to get from Dulles to downtown... and ended up settling on somebody picking me up. :)
~ pizza! Papa Sams... (totally got my fill o'that for a while... :D)
~ getting things sorted for tomorrow
~ going to bed early... well, earlier than normal... I have to get up at 3:45... wtf!
~ that groovysegue gets her arms around the ski bunny soon...
~ for sylvidoptera to feel better...
~ and to send a smile one very happy little uniclycommon... :D

Ottawa, it seems, has been blessed with a cursed mayor.

Co-worker dude pointed this out to me today...
[ :: bloggers win, everybody else.... loooooooooooosers :: ]

K... see ya on the flip.
There's a whole lot of ground to cover before tomorrow night. :)

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