Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Wednesday, March 19

why yes... they are sensitive today... why do you ask?

Still trying to shake this cold.
Today it's all about my throat feeling oogish.
Kinda stingy and wrong.

Sadly... I had to use it all freaking day long on the phones with the "team" in Virginia, getting ready for the big presentation to the clients this friday.
(hence my day-trip to DC)

~ now? Pj pants... I just got home from my moms ... got a hair cut... so I had a nice, long, hot shower. :)
~ a day on the phone...
~ made spaghetti for dinner...
~ off to moms to fry my dads "vista monster" and get the xp into place... and get a hair cut. :)
~ I think, still, wishing I had an iPod touch. Apparently there's a price drop en-route...
~ that canuckgirl finds herself a door into summer...
~ for the diagnosis to be less than expected in the life of n5iln's leg...
~ nobody gets burned by the hotness coming off of smooshiefaceinc
~ and that pasticcio doesn't run out of ginch. :)

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday to lisa_rp... may you feel strength where there was only weakness and see success where you feared the specter of failure.
And to rougescheveux... happy birthday! I hope this year keeps you and your family in the vice like grip of happiness...
And happy birthday kutie_kara... where ever you may be... I hope you're safe... I hope you're happy.
And most of all... a great big squishy happy birthday to an inspiration and a treasured friend... Happy birthday nbbmom. May this year bring the path you are on to wonderful places and keep you balanced... fulfilled... and confident.

The "war in iraq" is a festering, infected, and viral sore on the complexion of america.
Five years... ten... it doesn't matter.
There are no excuses and nothing that has ever been offered up as a reason will ever be good enough.
How do you spell failure?
mission accomplished.

Look, I know this is going to sound silly
but I mean in the nicest possible way...
That colour... that cut... is absolutely gorgeous on you.
really! lol... it's so new... I really wasn't sure...
Be sure...
thank you so much :D ... here's your receipt...

I want pizza.
no really.

~ :)

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