Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

omg night skiing is a blast. :)
~ Geo and I worked our way to the hill through the stupid snow storm... and we and the thirty-five other people at the hill had a blast with just ooodles of brand new snow everywhere.
~ Geo took his first kick at riding a rail on his board. :) He fell several times... and he had a vast amount of fun. :)

Ski hills... just look very different when lit artificially like that.
It was a strange ... good kind of strange, atmosphere... like it was just a party and it happened to be on a ski hill. Lots of mid-teens... a few moms and dads and wee ones too.
ah! Gah... a wee one actually "slid off the chair lift at the "get off here zone" and fell BACKWARDS down the front of the structure. (You kinda have to have been on a chair lift to know what I mean). It was high drama, but this little... like, 6 year old, was fine. I think his m&d were more freaked.


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