Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Wednesday, February 20... no really... I'm just late. :D

Yeah, ok... so it's 1:52 on Thursday and Wednesday just ended.
It's been a long ass day. I managed to get a good dinner down with the boys... they had no homework, so ... score! We watched the Lunar Eclipse and read at bedtime... but every other waking moment of my day has been spent either slogging through client data and getting a report draft prepared ... or screwing around with a performance appraisal thing for the bosses.
Long day.

~ a bit of a sleepy face...
~ to go directly to bed...
~ I was already in Bermuda and not so stressed about work.

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday nordicgrrl... I hope you enjoyed the day... and that you don't mind my posting your bd wish... a little late. :) May the year ahead keep you and your family safe, warm and loved.

For some reason, Geo thought my mom taught me (ME) how to cut hair.
He sat me down after school and began his conversation with a clear message to me that he has NEVER liked a single hair cut ever... from one of "those people in the salons". So he wanted me to cut his hair. LOL... I said "Do you have any idea how may situation comedy tv shows begin in pretty much this exact way?" At this stage I didn't realize he thought I knew how to cut hair. I was actually considering giving it a shot... but then, I figured nobody would ever forgive me... so I asked him some more questions and ... voila... he went pale and realized what almost happened. :D LOLOLOLOL... Bottom Line: we're off to see my mom after school tomorrow for him to get a quick hair chop. :)

"Strange things are afoot at the circle K"... I plopped the kids down in front of Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure tonight. What a great movie. It's been ages... I was - d'uh - working but I managed to come down to see a couple of ... key moments. It's so stupid that it rounds the corner and ends up at great. The movie "Dude, wheres my car" does the same thing... except it's almost stupider (you actually get dumber by watching that movie - but don't worry ... by default, you don't notice. :D).

... K... g'night. :)
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