Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Tuesday, February 19

Wake up to snow falling so heavily, I thought it was fog...
Alas (earwax) no "snow day" and we had to mobilize.
Ed was up ... forever... dealing with the tummy ache he got from eating cookie dough. :D
(we made cookies)...
So he wasn't all angelic at breakfast. :(

We watched "NEXT" last night...
What a gas. :D :D
I can spot a whole handful of discontinuities... (it's a mental thriller) but trying to sort those out was part of the fun... and the movie had a few actual gosh moments where the three of us were just hooting at the tv and generally have a grand ol'time. :D

It stopped snowing... got lovely... and in classic "mother nature is a crack ho" style... it started snowing to beat the band again as the boys were getting home from school.

~ black on black with black... well, ok, a dark blue sweater
~ intended to be on the phones and in the heads of the project extra early...
~ but ended up driving my boys to school... for various reasons... :)
~ and then another in an endless line of busy days.
~ marinated a new york strip steak... just, like the one you'd be served in a restaurant... for one person... but served three of us an appropriate amount of beef and heaped on veggies... This is the way, my friends... I'm just saying... cut the meat portion back from the insane levels we seem to think are reasonable today and pump up the veggies.
~ having my bro and SIL over for movie night... we're watching sunshine... and the best thing? It hardly matters how good a sci fi movie is... it just rocks when you watch it on a big ass tv with big crazy sound. :D
~ review my list (suz is so infinitely organized about family vaca's that it boggles the mind) ... my "check a couple days before you leave" list... before bed to make sure I'm on schedule. Believe me, getting me and two kids, unaided, to the airport on-time, and in fine form, takes work... when it's supposed to be at 4:00 in the morning and the destination is sunshine.
~ that sugar-mell... er... sylvidoptera warms up a bit... and her friend finds some peaceful memories...
~ for towanda to enjoy the house-hunting-vibe.
~ that the good vibe ... sticks with my bro ayoub
~ and for misha um... willedit to keep on finding his name in print... in the right column.
I read a "cover head line" on a recent McLeans magazine... "Would the world be safer without Islam?".
All I could think of was... "Not by half as much without Christianity".
then I had time to digest...
and - I still haven't read the article * although I will - I think the answer would be no.
Islam is not reason there is violence, hatred, intolerance, sadness, desperation, poverty and strife.
These things would all exist without organized religion.
I'm dying to say... "we'd call it organized sports"...
but that would be off topic.
Religion has only ever channeled, exploited these negative things.
Man hasn't really needed religion to convince him to be a dick.

The greater the ease with which we acquire a reward,
the greater our displeasure and stress at finding it denied,
when really... it should absolutely the other way around.

See, I'm starting ... just starting to get the real deal with DDR.
I can consistently get good scores on the "basic" level of the "four guitar" songs...
but to go beyond that... to get good scores on the five guitars or - omg, it's insane - on the "Difficult" level (don't even go near the expert setting... you need to have several operations before that's of any use to you)... you have to get into the concept of constant motion. You have to really and truly "get dancing" with non-stop patterns and (this IS the Wii) hand motions. Let me tell ya... this is a sure fire way to get super-amazingly-worn-out. :)

~ ok... time to make coffee... :)

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