Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Monday, February 18 !

Frigg'en rain.
Last night, we went to my brothers house for dinner... he lives as far away as it's possible to live and still be in Kanata... (our town) and it "freezing rain" rained the whole time. No troubles on the real roads... but our street in da'hood... crazy... and my gently-sloping-upward laneway that goes on forever? almost impossible. It took us three well planned attempts to get the car up the lane. :)

We then settled in to watch Blue Harvest (Family Guy does Star Wars). It was likely very good... but I passed out after 10 minutes. :) It ended and I woke up enough to reposition myself and fall asleep again with Geo... Meanwhile... Edward has gone back to warcraft III world editor and is letting saw logs. !!!! This is the only draw back to comfortable lovely sofa's in front of your tv. :)

With more rain and evil wind in the forecast... I was worried that skiing was out for today.
However... the rain ended... light flurries, mild temps and theoretically there were supposed to be sunny breaks.
So we packed it up and went. :)
There were no sunny breaks... but it was great skiing and we literally skied right onto the chair lifts every run... no line ups at all.

~ today...
~ green ftls, black warm sox, black spandexy super-man pants, pj-pants, ski-pants, gray tee, black swoosh shirt, ski sweater, ski jacket, helmet, gloves, giant red ski boots... and a grin.
~ now? pj pants, swoosh and sox. :) Oh and I still have the grin.
~ sleep in... all the way till 8:00 when boss-man phones me. "You're not answering your cell phone..." ... dude...
~ get up, get a passel of gift bags from the boys... and then make a big breakfast... adding whip cream (one of those cans) to the top of pancakes... is just awesome... evil... but awesome.
~ email and phone calls with work stuff... then take off at 11: and go skiing for the rest of the day with my boys and one of Geo's friends.
~ dinner at swish chalet on the way home from skiing...
~ and now? Here I be. :)
~ we're going to watch "Next" (nico cage in a sort-a sci fi drama thing... no clue... )
~ then I'll be making lunches and packing the kids into bed. (we're almost finished "the subtle knife")
~ an-den... I'm thinking I'm going to pull the admiral aside and then snuggle in for an episode of Torchwood. Season two rocks.
~ that life continues to bless me with the friendships I have made and the wonderful people I have found.
~ I would miss lj if it was gone... that's a bit sad, but if I didn't have a life otherwise - and god knows I've an insane-o life - I guess it would be sad, but it's not. (snot)
~ ... I guess I really wish that my amazing good fortune... continues.

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday miss "I know traffic" (groovysegue) May the year ahead keep you and your little angel healthy and happy... and by happy I mean continuing to be awesome!.
And to wee sarah... (pertinentwires) a very happy birthday to you ... may the love you share, be the love that guides... the love that carries you through.

Thank you for making my read of my friends-page today such an uplifting and gratifying moment in my day. :)
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