Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Sunday, February 17

K, the ski gods hate me.
yesterday was "kids organized sport day" with Ed at basketball and Geo with soccer... and it was a totally gorgeous day...
Today ... breakfast club stuff (see below) and dinner at my brothers house later... and a relax'en afternoon.
It's freezing rain.
Our plan was to go skiing tomorrow. Big plans. Taking a friend of Geo's... Geo, Ed and moi... a big ski day at calabogie
They're calling for lots of freezing rain.

~ black ftls...
~ black jeans... "low boot cut"... which basically means that my pant cuffs drag around when I'm wearing sox. :)
~ blue & white shirt and a little hoodie.
~ up wwwwway too early (7:30) and to a place called "The Britania Yacht Club" (BYC) with the kids to volunteer for the breakfast club (fund-raising thing, doing the whole the Sunday morning breakfast shift. The boys set tables, brought meals to patrons, cleared and even topped up coffees... I was "on toast, coffee and tee", three guys pushing "senior" manning the grills, a lovely little old lady named Bunny "doing the hobart" (taking care of the industrial dishwashing station), my Pa handling the order desk, and another older lady helping out with the tables. Four hours of hard work... but every minute of it ... totally enjoyable. Everyone is always so impress with how effective the boys are... And with Geo... honestly, it's like a resume entry for that first "restaurant job". :)
~ that things become a little aromatic in the life and working times of my South African Queen... teaser... :D
~ for snwbrdette to get through this stage... with something even close to "fair" as the outcome!
~ that life takes a turn to a brighter and more rewarding street for indianasweetie
~ and that the lovely sirenity... has an enjoyable afternoon. :)

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday distant _angelight_... I all in Moscow is as it should be... and that you enjoy your day. :D

Dig it...
I haven't listened to, watched, or read the news for three days.
Wow. It's quite liberating.

K, no seriously now... work with me on this.
Helping at the breakfast thing today... (see "planning" above) we were helping a group of seniors do the deal.
This sweet woman, somewhat significantly on the other side of middle age, comes over to the coffee/tea station asking me about a cuppa.
I offer to give her a mini tea pot or pour her a steeped tea.
And then the fun starts.
Her: "oh no... I'd like a little pot."
Me: (grin)
H: "I'm all for the teabag."
M: !!! "Okidoke..." handing her a red-rose tea bag...
H: "Absolutely... I just want the bag... gimmi the teabag, that way I'm in control."
H: "I can take it out... or pop it back in when I want..."
H: "I'm a teabag lady!"
M: just falls dead on the floor.

We have a fairly clear division of labour in our house.
It's the best way for us to keep up and stuff.
One of her things is the "laundry".
It's day three of suzy being away.
I was doing laundry ... even did all the sheets...
Because hearing the washer spin and stuff, in the background...
Makes it feel sorta like she's home somewhere. :)

Alrighty... this is me.
Such as I am.
Have a great day... and if you get tomorrow off (presidents day in the States, and "Family Day" in a few Canadian provinces), enjoy it.
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