Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Friday, February 15

Check out my laugh wrinkles... seriously. :) lol!

ug... was still up with z when her cab got here at 3:30... then up again at 6:00 to get the boys up,
'cept ... Ed, who went to bed with a sore tummy... woke up with a really sore tummy,
and Geo... who never complains about anything... was barely able to talk with a sore throat...
I put 'em both back to bed, called the school at 8:00 and kept 'em home.
I will make them healthy... one way or another! :)
(I have one week...!)

The day started in a practical white out... z's plane was delayed and she ... almost, almost-but-not-quite, missed the connection in TO.
She found wi-fi in Bermu with that little nokia 770 tablet thing and shot me a gmail to say she was there safe and sound.:)

I headed out to the local drivers license office to renew our plates (due on my birthday... although I've had almost a month and a half to deal with this... d'oh)...
and watched in horror as the lady directed my attention to the big red letters that spelled out the requirement for me to get both cars "emissions tested" before renewal.
I zoomed off and had my car done, then renewed... but I'll have to wait for tuesday to do zebras. :(

Now it's just about night time... well it is night time, but we're just about to start our night time stuff which is watching a movie tonight. :)
We have stardust and wild hogs... I think we'll start with stardust.

~ black ftls...
~ black jeans... black exploding universe shirt
~ and a big black hoodie.
~ if I had more and jet-black hair... and didn't have the laugh wrinkles... I could carry a headless power-puff-girl in my pocket and be emo boy.
~ work-a-holic day... with a dash of doctor-dad and a slice of Dashing Errand Man
~ ok... I wont say that "Dashing" thing again. :)
~ I hadn't totally totally MISSED Survivor last night. :( I'll have to watch it online later. :D
~ to congratulate willedit on getting what is likely well deserved.
~ that bronxelf_ag001 gets good feedback on "m"
~ and that I could connect with Jay.

Birthday moments...
A very happy birthday to sandstar... with so many wonderful eyes looking back at her in family... I hope they are all watching you have a wonderful day. :)

Freaky Friday... is pretty well done, when you get right down to it. :)
and those emissions tests... a total cash cow for the man. grrr!

You know you still got it when you can casually say "the man" and mean it.
Ok... maybe not.
The sky is blue in my world too... I promise.

K... two boys... waving a dvd case in my face is a sure sign that I have to stop typing now. :)

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